Discover Affiliate Software Must-Haves in Affilka’s Checklist

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Streamlined operations, seamless payment processing, and comprehensive reporting are key factors in attracting top affiliates who generate high-quality traffic. Translating its expertise into client knowledge, Affilka by SOFTSWISS shares key insights to consider while searching for an excellent affiliate management software provider.

First and foremost, Affilka’s experts recommend paying attention to the range of technical features a provider could offer and the adaptability of solutions. They should align with specific operator requirements and be highly customisable. Below are the essential features that are imperative for cutting-edge affiliate platforms.

  • Versatile and flexible commission options. Operators should be able to craft their payment programs based on various criteria, including the initial deposit amount, wagering thresholds, gaming revenue, and more, encouraging a wider range of affiliates to promote their products or services.
  • Payment module. Ideally, this module should integrate all necessary payment systems via API, enabling one-click payment processing.  Alternatively, an acceptable approach involves having a transparent process for transferring payment data from the affiliate to the operator, with the operator efficiently handling all payments.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Operators should have the possibility to analyse traffic efficiency across various parameters such as brands, partners, campaigns, countries, traffic sources, players, currencies, and periods. This analysis should cover a range of metrics, including clicks, registrations, deposits, game activity, NGR, and conversions. What else matters is the frequency of data updates: the more, the better. The platform should also support postbacks, accommodate affiliates’ custom tracking parameters, and offer  API and various data extraction methods.
  • Highly-reliable infrastructure. The top priority is to maintain the uninterrupted functionality of affiliate links, ensuring potential players access iGaming brands without fail. A provider should offer a robust visit-tracking system that handles high traffic loads, guaranteeing high availability and reliability.
  • Robust data protection and excellent customer support. Swift responsiveness, effective issue resolution, a proactive approach, and the agility to devise solutions are frequently undervalued yet absolutely essential for achieving sustained success.

Anastasia Borovaya, Head of Affilka by SOFTSWISS, summarises:Finding the right provider for your affiliate software is the basis for initiating a successful journey in affiliate marketing. Convenience and speed of integration, fast set-up, and the ability to migrate historical data are undeniable advantages of a prospective provider. A transparent commercial offer without hidden fees, when you get all the stated functionality without additional charges for individual modules, also reflects the reliability of your chosen partner.

Undoubtedly, the team behind Affilka has harmoniously incorporated all of the described features into their product, showcasing their dedication to creating a superior offering. This combination ensures the product excels in delivering the best possible results.

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