Edgio and Vermantia Partner to Deliver Custom-Built Live Streaming Events Across EMEA

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Edgio, Inc., a platform of choice for speed, security and simplicity at the edge, today announced a reseller partnership with Vermantia, a global provider of omni-channel content solutions for gaming, and betting operators worldwide. The collaboration supports Vermantia’s custom-built, end-to-end streaming solutions for live racing, sports events, virtual sports, and number games.

As part of the partnership, Vermantia will utilize Edgio’s Uplynk solution in its channel production to significantly simplify the delivery of live events, broadcast/OTT, and free ad-supported TV (FAST) syndication, allowing customers to expand their reach while optimizing resources. Powered by a secure global edge network specifically designed for the unique demands of media, Uplynk ensures an exceptional viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Edgio. This partnership marks a significant improvement for our streaming services, as we continue to provide our valued customers with tailored content solutions and custom channels for live racing, sports events, virtual sports and number games,” said Menelaos Ladopoulos, CTO of Vermantia. “Through our association with Edgio, we aim to enhance our end-to-end streaming capabilities, leveraging Edgio’s unique technology. We are confident this partnership will empower us to meet the evolving needs of our clients across EMEA, shaping exceptional streaming experiences.”

With an impressive track record of handling hundreds of thousands of live events, including global sporting events, Edgio’s Uplynk solution has achieved remarkable milestones. In 2022 alone, Uplynk generated 2.4 billion event views, 3.3 billion hours of streamed video, and more than 220 million hours of advertising.

Through the partnership Vermantia will also provide its operator partners Edgio’s Application and Media portfolio, with particular emphasis on next-gen Web CDN and Edgio’s holistic web application security solutions.

“Edgio is thrilled to be developing our relationship with Vermantia and supporting them in building solutions across EMEA in the next era of streaming, where technology and business innovation will see concurrent viewing numbers surge,” said Emma Whitmore, Group VP, EMEA Edgio.

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