Empowering the Future of Esports: Introducing ex boost. Initiative by ex corp.

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Ex corp., a renowned developer of technological solutions for esports and competitive gaming (CS.MONEY, Scope.gg, Blix.gg), proudly announces the launch of the ex boost. initiative, an inspiring program designed to support and nurture the aspirations of young talents within the esports industry.

Ex boost. is a new initiative by ex corp. that aims to provide essential infrastructural, mentorship, and financial support to highly-motivated and committed individuals who have already started making their way within the competitive gaming or esports field.  The main purpose of ex boost. is to support those eager and ready for their journey in gaming to gain speed but who, at the same time, require infrastructural, mentor, or financial support. The ex boost. program offers assistance in various key areas within the esports industry, leveraging ex corp.’s facilities, experience, and network.

The initiative already has its first participant. Armin Heidrich, a passionate school student from Poland, whose dream was to join the esports media team and work at a big esports event to find out how esports tournaments are organised. As a part of the ex boost. program, ex corp. offered to support him as a special reporter for esports media, Blix.gg, during the CS:GO event in Washington D.C. Since returning from his trip, Armin secured an internship at Blix.gg and had several media interviews published, proving that with the right support, aspiring talents can shape their future in gaming.

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