Engage Technologies Group Hires Zi Tang as SVP, Strategy & Operations, formerly Head of Marketing Operations at Microsoft


Engage Technologies Group, Inc. has announced Zi Tang as its new Senior Vice President of Strategy & Operations. Engage Technologies Group, Inc. pioneers cloud-based, mobile engagement, nurture, and content solutions, built on a frictionless, comprehensive mobile intelligent SaaS marketing platform which does not require an app, email, password, or login.

“Zi’s extensive business strategy, software and SaaS operations, marketing, and startup leadership experience will help further solidify Engage’s operating excellence and expansion across Ocular, Aesthetics, Dental and Health/Orthopedic verticals as we deepen our existing relationships with leading healthcare providers and industry manufacturers around the globe,” said Michael Boerner, Engage’s founder and CEO“We are extremely excited to have Zi join our leadership team to help accelerate our growth both strategically and operationally building on top of our foundation of technology and storytelling excellence. Zi’s vision and passion for optimizing technology delivery and agile ability to quickly spot internal and external opportunities that drive continuous improvement naturally complement our culture and mission at Engage.”

Mr. Tang previously served as Head of Marketing Operations and Strategy & Operations for Microsoft. Zi brings over 14 years of thought leadership that drove multimillion-dollar investment decisions and grew businesses within industry leaders, such as Microsoft, Boeing and Stryker. Zi has a proven record of building, managing, and nurturing large global and remote teams, creating strategic initiatives and programs, optimizing change management, and delivering results. Prior to Microsoft, Mr. Tang was also an entrepreneur.

“Engage Technologies Group is poised to capitalize on their disruptive innovations in mobile intelligence, mobile marketing automation, and storytelling that usher in a new era of heightened, “intelligent patient and customer engagement” that positively impact people’s lives along the entire value chain, like never before,” said Mr. Tang. “I am thrilled to be able to play a part in driving the Engage vision.”

Positively disrupting the healthcare supply chain and front line care delivery that Engage enables by serving up expertly-curated knowledge in short video series at patients’ height of interest and time of need is a game changer. Patients come to their first consultation or appointment empowered with deeper, more meaningful understanding before, during, and after any procedure which not only builds confidence pre-consult and pre-op but also improves their adherence and outcomes post-op while streamlining practice staff operating efficiency for every patient.

To learn more about Engage or to schedule a live demo of the Engage Mobile Intelligence Platform, please click here.

Engage is capitalizing on the convergence of three macro consumer trends: rapid adoption of mobile technologies, voracious consumer appetite for relevant short form video content, and the simplicity of text-based messaging distribution. Established in 2016, Engage combines proprietary mobile intelligence technology with potent short-form video storycraft that engages directly with the patient and end customer. Accessed directly from the end customer’s smartphone or tablet, Engage delivers quality 90-second episodic, drip or event-based content that is white-labeled for clinic or manufacturer branding. Engage’s “zero friction” mobile experience streamlines patient knowledge and education at the precise moment where height of interest and time of need converge. This is notably true with patients who are facing check-ups, consultation, and surgical procedures from specialists in Aesthetics, Ocular, Dental, and Health/Orthopedic (spine, hip, knee, mobility, etc.) health care disciplines.

Engage Technologies Group is ushering in a new era of patient, manufacturer and consumer engagement. Engage’s ability to deliver relevant, short-form video content to end users without use of an app, email, password, or login creates consistent messaging and patient engagement, empowerment, and confidence while delivering frictionless improvements in care delivery. Engage’s platform capabilities, including robust data analytics that provide visibility and value of the patient experience and extend the clinical brand with scheduled virtual patient interactions throughout their recovery.

Engage Technologies Group, Inc., has closed the loop on previously friction-filled, disconnected, and inconsistent patient communications that have plagued the health care delivery spectrum for years. Engage’s formula is specifically designed to optimize the patient/customer journey in partnership with America’s pre-eminent medical practitioners, clinical and administrative staff and health industry manufacturers. The Engage platform is simple to use, customizable and practice branded which results in cohesive patient-to-provider and manufacturer-to-provider interactions. Engage clients are able to elevate and simplify the patient/customer communication experience by driving lead generation, lead capture, conversion, education, and retention over the life of the recipient.

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