FBM® Foundation donates 1,000,000 pesos and essential goods to Philippine General Hospital patients in Manila

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Caring knows no distance when it comes to helping others. On March 17th, FBM® Foundation donated 1 million pesos and distributed essential goods to CHILD Foundation Inc. during a visit to the Philippine General Hospital in Manila. This solidarity initiative aimed to directly impact 120 cancer patients on the Pediatric Department and counted on the help of 14 volunteers, as well as the special contribution of two FBM®’s executive board members Rui Francisco, Founder of FBM®, and Renato Almeida, Director of FBM®.

The Philippine General Hospital is one of the most revered medical facilities in the nation, renowned for providing free healthcare services to patients. This institution is financially backed by governmental funds, but deals with demanding operational expenses related to hospital’s medical and maintenance costs. That’s why the latest FBM® Foundation action, along with CHILD Foundation, was so important for the fast and steady recovery of these indigent families.

An impactful presence on a donation so close to home

Every day, children at the Philippine General Hospital deal with challenging health conditions. As giving back to the community is part of what makes a real champion, FBM® Foundation’s Member of the Board of Trustees felt the urge to take part in this initiative and make a difference.

Last March 17th, Rui Francisco and Renato Almeida promptly flew from Malta to the Philippines to personally donate 1 million pesos to the hospital’s beneficiaries, to cover the substantial medical expenses of indigent families. This gesture counted with the participation of the Philippine General Hospital’s Director, Dr. Gerardo Legaspi, and Chairman, Dr. Marissa Lukban, who kindly welcomed all the FBM® Foundation entourage.

“To be part of such a heartwarming solidarity action makes me overly proud of everyone who made this initiative possible. From our volunteers, to our partners and local teams, we are aware our joint efforts can make a big impact in these kids’ lives, but we are the ones ending up feeling overjoyed by these children’s positivity, strength, and power despite all the battles they have been through”, states Rui Francisco.

Besides the monetary offer, FBM® Foundation also distributed medical equipment and supplies to indigent patients with the help of its 14 volunteers, who offered 120 grocery kits, including rice, canned goods, noodles, and milk.

The notable presence of FBM®’s board members in this humanitarian action comes to prove once again the deep commitment of FBM® Foundation in the Philippines to produce real change for those who are dealing with hardship around the country and many other actions are to come.

This solidarity step taken by FBM® Foundation at the Philippine General Hospital in Manila today was a moving experience both for FBM® Group’s representatives, its volunteers, and its beneficiaries, by providing them with the hope of a brighter tomorrow and the motivation to endure challenging times.

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