Gametech Startups Stardust and Metaplay Appoint Raptor PR as Global Agency of Record

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Raptor PR, the world’s only pure B2B tech PR agency for the global video games industry, today reveals it has been appointed as global agency of record by two major B2B gametech startups: Stardust, a $35 million-funded Silicon Valley startup that provides game developer tools to build and scale blockchain games, and Metaplay, a Finland-based fast-growth startup that offers complete developer back-end solutions for building and scaling top-grossing mobile games.

Raptor PR will be deploying fully integrated, cross-channel campaigns, engineered to deliver tier-one fame building, lead generation and the building of communities around brands Stardust and Metaplay respectively. The campaigns will be tailored to directly support both Metaplay and Stardust business objectives and core value propositions, effectively engaging with international stakeholders like developers and publishers across industry verticals including games trade, business, technology, adtech and web3.

“Both Metaplay and Stardust personify what Raptor PR is all about; we’re focused on the deeptech and businesses that are powering the business of gaming and the exciting emerging technologies that are disrupting it,” the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Raptor PR, Rana Rahman, said. “For both Stardust and Metaplay, we’re deploying multi-disciplinary strategies, which are essential to reach and meaningfully engage with audiences effectively. With a somewhat diminishing media landscape, Raptor PR ensures that it is amplifying and engaging through all relevant channels for its clients, wherever stakeholders may be.”

“Raptor PR has a deep understanding of both web2 and web3 technologies and Stardust has an ambitious roadmap ahead so the team is the obvious choice to help us build the strategic positioning required in order to reach the audiences that matter to us,” the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Stardust, Canaan Linder, said. “The added bonus is definitely our shared values; a passion to democratize blockchain – working at pace while having fun along the way.”

“We’ve been building our games industry solution in stealth over the last several years in Finland, hence we needed a creative, out-of-the-box global communications partner to help take our messages to game makers across the globe,” the Head of Marketing for Metaplay, Chris Wilson, said. “Rana and his team exemplified everything we were looking for in a PR agency; a team of people hugely passionate and knowledgeable about the games industry with a deep understanding of the fundamental tech behind it.”

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