Gaming Innovation Group – Minutes from Annual Meeting of Shareholders

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The Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Gaming Innovation Group Inc. was held today, 19 May 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. Shareholders representing 41.16% of the shares entitled to vote were present in person or by proxy.

The Annual Meeting approved the Company’s Annual Report for 2021.

The Annual Meeting resolved that the Board of Directors should consist of seven members and resolved to re-elect Petter Nylander as Chairman of the Board and to re-elect Nicolas Adlercreutz, Kjetil Garstad, Kathryn Moore Baker and Michael Ahearne as Directors of the Board and to elect Hesam Yazdi and Mikael Riese Harstad as new Directors of the Board. It was further resolved that the remuneration to the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be EUR 76,500 per annum and that the remuneration to the other members of the Board of Directors shall be EUR 36,000 per annum each. The remuneration to the audit committee shall be EUR 10,000 to the chairman and EUR 5,000 to the audit committee members, and for the remuneration committee, EUR 5,000 to the chairman and EUR 2,500 to the remuneration committee members.

The Annual Meeting further resolved that the Nomination Committee shall consist of not less than three and not more than four members, to represent all shareholders, and be appointed by the three largest shareholders as at 31 August 2022.

Finally, the Annual Meeting resolved to reappoint REID CPAs LLP as auditors of the Company.

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