GWM Invests CNY 9 billion on R&D, Focusing on New Energy and Intelligentization


On March 29, GWM officially released the 2021 Annual Report, highlighting that the recent investment on research and development reached CNY 9.07 billion, marking another major R&D investment milestone of the company.

Compared with 2020, GWM’s investment in research and development has increased by 76.05% year-on-year, accounting for 6.65% of operating revenue.

Lv Wenbin, General Manager of Technology of GWM HAVAL, said that facing competition in the global market, GWM has always insisted on the concept of “excessive investment and precise R&D” to fulfill the diversified personalized needs of global users.

Over the past years, GWM has continued to carry out precise investments in both new energy and intelligent sectors and keep launching various advanced technologies to the markets.

In the new energy sector, GWM officially unveiled the L.E.M.O.N. DHT. As a highly integrated and high-efficient hybrid system, this technology is compatible with and can be equipped in both HEV and PHEV power architectures. Among them, the overall powertrain efficiency of models equipped with HEV power architectures can be improved by more than 50%. In the on-site testing, the fuel-saving rate of these models can achieve 35% to 50% compared to other fuel models.

Take HAVAL JOLION HEV as an example. Supported by the L.E.M.O.N. DHT, its fuel consumption can be automatically adjusted to maximize fuel efficiency in different driving modes such as standard, sports and ECO. This function can meet users’ needs in various scenarios, including urban roads, express ways and other driving conditions.

In the intelligence sector, GWM launched Coffee Intelligence 2.0 and grandly unveiled a new electronic and electrical architecture and intelligent drive-by-wire chassis last year. Based on all these technological improvements, the development of Coffee Intelligence 2.0 also focuses on upgrading the intelligent driving technology and developed the NOH (Navigation On HIPilot) intelligence-assisted driving navigation system.

When the system turns on, the vehicle can automatically assist the driver in lane changing, overtaking and other actions in the driving process. It can also monitor whether the driver is fatigued, unable to concentrate or in other conditions, reflecting the user-oriented design of the system.

Science and technology make it possible for more users to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience. On the 8th Technology Festival held by the company, GWM announced that it would continue to expand the global research and development staff to 30,000 and the total investment in the next five years would reach CNY 100 billion.

In addition to the research and development sector, GWM is also actively building a low-carbon auto industrial chain connecting the whole world. It has proposed to build its first zero-carbon factory by 2023 to provide a more intelligent, safer and more environmentally friendly driving experience for global users.


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