H3C AD-WAN Solution Passes Tolly’s Authoritative Test, Providing Smart Connection to Accelerate Enterprises Digital Transformation


H3C’s Application-Driven SD-WAN solution, or AD-WAN solution, has recently been verified by Tolly Group, a world leading provider of validation services for ICT products and services. The functionality validation report indicates that H3C AD-WAN solution can not only implement traditional SD-WAN functions, but also expand and extend traditional SD-WAN, offering services such as VAS, SD-Branch, enhanced security, and more.

Based on H3C’s Cloud & Intelligence Native architecture, the solution is built on a unified digital platform and incorporates a number of advanced technologies, such as containers, micro-services, AI, and big data, with integration of network management, SDN controller, and intelligent analysis, to achieve full network coverage, end-to-end service orchestration, simulation and optimization, and intelligent operations and maintenance.

The H3C AD-WAN solution is designed to accelerate the process of digitalization via reliable, flexible, and efficient enterprise network solutions. It also supports muti-tenant and can manage a Point of Presence (POP) network for ISPs, making it applicable for both enterprise network and ISP networks.

Reducing cost of operations

The H3C AD-WAN solution enables enterprises to reduce capital and operational expenditures while upgrading WAN infrastructure. Featuring centralized management and a GUI, the solution uses Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) technology to remotely deploy new brand devices. It also supports multiple connection types, allowing organizations to upgrade links in their existing networks.

Improving user experience

Apart from being cost-effective, the H3C AD-WAN solution also improves user experience by allowing applications to be identified through over 9,000 proprietary and user-defined Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) signatures, in addition to traditional 5-tuples and Differentiated Services Codepoint (DSCP).

Secondly, H3C’s Resilient Intelligent Routing (RIR) technology helps to assign and adjust forwarding paths for each application based on multiple traffic steering strategies.

Last but not least, the solution has all-round high availability to ensure the service continuity of the network.

Enhancing comprehensive security

Another merit of the H3C AD-WAN solution is it offers comprehensive security, with network operators being able to obtain security capabilities without having to deploy standalone security devices on the branch side.

In H3C’s AD-WAN solution, the routers possess a number of security features, such as integrated firewall, built-in IPS signatures, and URL filtering capabilities.

Enabling visualized and intelligent O&M

The AD-WAN solution supports real-time monitoring of network status and resource changes, configuration verification and audit, one-click inspection, intelligent and predictive analysis, and traffic steering policy recommendation.

Through the AD-WAN solution, H3C helps clients to build up smart WAN, which secures excellent network connections, and hence helping to accelerate the process of digital transformation. As a leader in the ICT industry, H3C will continue to fulfil its vision of “shaping the digital future for a better life” and offer more intelligent ICT products and solutions to companies around the world.

Full details of the H3C AD-WAN Tolly Test Report can be found at https://reports.tolly.com/DocDetail.aspx?DocNumber=221142.

To learn more about H3C’s AD-WAN solution or other digital enterprise solutions, visit https://www.h3c.com/en/.


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