Harnessing the power of technology to improve learning – Macmillan Education India launches two new assessment solutions MY MIDAS and MY MIDAS PLUS


Aligned to the vision of the National Education Policy 2020 of transforming assessment for student development, Macmillan Education, the renowned global curriculum company, launched two assessment solutions: a competency-based assessment, MY MIDAS and an adaptive personalized learning solution for student development called MY MIDAS PLUS.

MY MIDAS is an assessment for learning and does timely identification of areas of strength and improvement so that students develop conceptual understanding before moving to the next level of learning. In short, students find out not just what they know, but also what they don’t know. The assessment consists of multiple-choice questions tagged to the Bloom’s taxonomy, in core subjects of English, Maths, EVS and Science for grades 3 to 8. Harnessing technology, MY MIDAS will generate actionable learning insights to help school management define a way forward and serve as critical feedback for teachers to intervene.

MY MIDAS PLUS is an adaptive and personalized learning solution for schools to move ahead on their journey of ‘assessment of, for and as learning’ during the full academic year. Running on an AI enabled platform from Genius corner, MY MIDAS PLUS will empower schools with real-time consolidated reports of students/cohorts with powerful visualisations. These can be used to drive up proficiency levels, through differentiated teaching for individual student benefit. MY MIDAS PLUS will be a lighthouse for parents to direct students’ efforts in the right direction. Since it is an online assessment solution, it can be taken from anywhere on a computing device.

Mr. Rajesh Pasari, MD Macmillan Education India, commented, “We are extremely proud to be launching our new assessment solutions MY MIDAS and MY MIDAS PLUS with our platform partner, Genius Corner. Following NEP 2020, learning will become more outcome focussed, schools could begin with a diagnosis of learning through MY MIDAS followed by remediation and learning ownership through MY MIDAS PLUS. With school leaders committed to student development, we are positive that there will be a strong uptake for MY MIDAS and MY MIDAS PLUS across India.”

Mr. Vishal Khatter, Founder and CEO Genius Corner, said, “Genius Corner platform for MY MIDAS and MY MIDAS PLUS uses ‘Assessment For and As Learning’ through Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide actionable intelligence to educators. The platform is built on the AAA (Assess, Analyze and Act) framework and brings all the stakeholders – School Managements, Teachers, Students, and Parents, together for the common objective of improved learning through personalized learning modules. It ensures that there is a continuity of learning at home, and students have access to the learning ecosystem even after the school hours.”

There is widespread recognition that assessment and evaluation frameworks are key to building stronger school systems. It is important to view assessment and evaluation not as ends in themselves, but as important tools to attain learning outcomes.

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