Head of Resalis Therapeutics Named in the 2022 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards


Eva Castagnetti of Resalis Therapeutics has been recognised for her sterling work by Business Worldwide Magazine, who has named her “Most Innovative Biotech CEO of the Year, 2022 – Europe“.

The announcement is part of the magazine’s annual CEO awards, which identify and honour the most respected C level executives around the globe. The awards themselves don’t focus on a company’s overall success, but on the individuals who lead them, across a wide range of industries. The intention is to give worthy business leaders the recognition they deserve, while inspiring others to achieve similar successes.

Based in Turin, Italy, Resalis Therapeutics has successfully acquired seed funding to support the development of treatments for certain metabolic diseases. These disorders occur when the body’s normal chemical reactions disrupt its ability to break down foods into fuel. As a result, organs like the liver fail to function properly, leading to diseases such as Metabolic Fatty Acid Liver Disorder (MAFLD). When left untreated these diseases can lead to further conditions, such as Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH); and eventually to cirrhosis of the liver.

Patients with the disorder are susceptible to a wide range of serious complications, including cardiovascular disease, organ failure and cancer. It’s clearly a serious condition, but up to 30% of the USA’s population are known to suffer with it, with many more going undetected. Despite its severity there are no medications currently available. Eva Castagnetti has set out to change that.

As CEO of Resalis Therapeutics, Eva is passionate about treating metabolic disorders like MAFLD/NASH. Her vast experience encompasses drug development and working in partnership with suppliers, regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical partners. She has recently been successful in securing significant seed capital to advance the development of treatments for these conditions, making Resalis a global leader in its field.

Speaking to Business Worldwide Magazine, Eva explained that her research goes beyond finding treatments for MAFLD and NASH: “Two main diseases affecting the populations of today are obesity and metastatic breast cancer, both of which are often associated with a metabolic disorder. Treatments are limited and currently there is no cure for stage four metastatic breast cancer, but we know that the role of metabolism in the progression of breast cancer is gradually being emphasised. Understanding the mechanisms behind this will provide important clues to help develop therapeutic approaches for treatment, and we are carrying out pioneering medical techniques in this area.”

The biopharma company is focuses on treating these conditions by targeting and inhibiting a class of molecules known as microRNAs. Eva’s multidisciplinary team offers specialist knowledge and experience surrounding RNA-based drug designs, as well as molecular biology around the progression of advanced tumours. They also have an intrinsic awareness of the drug development process and work closely with authorities, investors and pharma partners. It’s a particularly impressive achievement given the fact that Resalis Therapeutics was established on a very small budget, and Eva’s hard work and dedication has brought the company to where it is today.

For further information on the science behind their revolutionary techniques, please visit the company website – https:// www.resalistherapeutics.com.

More information about the Business Worldwide CEO Awards 2022 can be found at https://www.bwmonline.com/awards/

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