HEAL Software Inc. Introduces Industry’s First Preventive Healing AIOps Software for IT Operations


HEAL Software Inc., one of the leading Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) solution providers, launched the world’s first preventive healing software technology for IT operations. The flagship product named HEAL™ leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify and prevent future issues from occurring while detecting and solving existing problems. The innovative solution aims to help enterprises reduce their downtime to near zero.

The category-first software has taken the role of AIOps to the next level for enterprises looking to efficiently manage IT operations and reduce downtime drastically. With its R&D centre in Bengaluru, the software was conceptualized and developed in India, exemplifying the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

According to George Thangadurai, Chief Executive Officer, HEAL Software Inc., “COVID-19 has accelerated digitalization of the enterprises and compelled organizations to move beyond traditional Application Performance Management tools and embrace AIOps. This has increased relevance for a solution like HEAL significantly as enterprises reprioritize their investment and focus on ensuring business resilience and continuity. HEAL is sector agnostic and has strong relevance for transaction heavy sectors such as BFSI, e-commerce, telecom, travel & hospitality, healthcare, etc.”

Talking further about the software he adds, It is an innovative healing solution that replaces the traditional “break and fix” model with “predict and prevent” thereby revolutionizing the experience of enterprises dealing with heavy workload. HEAL is the first product rolled out under our Preventive Healing Enterprise product portfolio for cloud, edge, and on-premise deployments. We expect to roll out more innovative products in the coming future to address the dynamic needs of the Indian enterprises.”

Enterprises spend an enormous number of hours going through the process of problem detection and resolution. In fact, service outages cost an average of $72K per minute and data center outages can cost up to $740K. The damage to a company’s name or brand reputation is very significant and takes a long time to recover in today’s public and social media. IT departments are plagued with tens of thousands of alerts a week, causing alarm fatigue and making it hard for them to prioritize which problems need immediate attention.

Most of the time, problems are discovered after the damage is done, and the technical failures have been flagged by customers. With HEAL’s unique preventive healing approach, issues are detected and resolved before an incident occurs. HEAL’s AI engine studies the business’ systems to learn the normal operating routine, continuously monitors systems, and identifies unusual behavioral patterns. Thus, HEAL can find the root causes of anomalies and takes corrective actions autonomously or via AI-augmented human effort before any damage is done. All of this can be done without the need for human intervention – saving substantial time and money usually spent on identifying and resolving problems related to software and infrastructure.

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