Hipther Announces Media Partnership with DroomDroom: Fostering Web3 Insights and Innovation

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Hipther Agency, the parent brand of renowned media outlets and event organizers in Gaming, Technology and various industries, is excited to announce its media partnership with DroomDroom Corporation, a distinguished web3 education-focused media house and a trusted source of information in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

DroomDroom Corporation has solidified its reputation as a dependable business partner and a leading source of accurate, world-class content in the web3 industry. This partnership will further enhance Hipther Agency’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge insights and fostering innovation across a broad spectrum of industries.

Hipther Agency, also known as HIPTHER, serves as the parent brand for a diverse portfolio of leading media outlets that cater to a variety of modern industries and sectors, including iGaming, Fintech, web3, blockchain, eSports and more. With a strong commitment to providing exposure through digital media, as well as live conferences and virtual events through Hipther Events, Hipther Agency has become a prominent platform for building business visibility and enhancing customer relationships.

DroomDroom is a web3 education-focused media house known for dedicating thousands of hours to in-depth research within the web3 industry. This commitment allows them to provide users with free, accurate, and world-class content. DroomDroom caters to a global audience passionate about web3 innovations, providing users with free, accurate, and world-class content. It is recognized for its official features on prominent platforms such as Binance Feed and CoinMarketCap Feed, and articles published on Volv Media, a platform powered by notable entities like Business Insider, Snap Inc., and Forbes, demonstrating its status as a verified source of information. 

The partnership between Hipther and DroomDroom represents a union of industry knowledge, insights, and expertise. By joining forces, both entities aim to empower their respective audiences with valuable information and foster innovation in their respective industries.

Zoltan Tundik, Co-founder and Head of Business at Hipther, stated about the partnership: 

We are thrilled to partner with DroomDroom Corporation, a leading authority in web3 education and blockchain insights. This strategic alliance not only fortifies Hipther Agency’s position at the forefront of emerging technologies but also reflects our unwavering commitment to deliver unparalleled content and innovation across multiple industries. Together, we’re setting the stage for an exciting new chapter of informed, impactful storytelling and thought leadership.”

This collaboration aligns with Hipther’s mission to reach forward-thinking leaders and professionals in web3 and Tech to provide knowledge and help forge valuable connections through its international in-person and virtual events.


About DroomDroom:

DroomDroom is set out to make Web3 mainstream, by creating a fountainhead for the latest guides, views, and ideas. A place where people of Web3 converge. DroomDroom believes that even though interest in blockchain continues to grow at a rapid rate, to become truly mainstream it’s imperative that we make it more relatable to people. Thank you for reading DroomDroom. We know that you and your venture have a story that just needs to be told. DroomDroom is excited to tell that story.


About Hipther:

Hipther Agency is the parent brand of European Gaming, PICANTE, WireUp Zone, Gaming Americas, eSports Connect, the HIPTHER news app, and the WireUp networking app found on the Play Store.

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