How 1xBet Partners makes life easier for affiliates

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Participation in an affiliate program involves certain obligations for both parties; affiliates must successfully promote the brand in order to earn money, while the affiliate program itself is expected to provide timely payments and consultations on issues. But how does 1xBet Partners make sure that affiliates are happy and that the brand is promoted correctly?

1xBet Partners has refined its relationship with its affiliate partners to ensure that each has the content, branding, and communication tools needed to promote the 1xBet brand correctly.

Since its inception, the affiliate program has taken several constructive steps that have ultimately led to its success, with the program currently boasting more than 30,000 partners across the globe. With so many partners, it’s key that 1xBet Partners has enough content on hand and that it can be distributed effectively.

“No one knows more about 1xBet than the representatives of the brand. That’s why 1xBet has a high-quality content team that prepares texts for affiliates,” said the 1xBet Partners team. “Promotional announcements, texts on current events, betting tips. Each partner can get ready-made material to publish right away.”

To do this, 1xBet partners can write to their manager and request the text that they would like to see on their website. They can also do this to get graphics, which are equally important and must be high quality and consistent, which is why brand books have been created, according to which all visual materials are made.

“1xBet is very conscientious about this issue,” continued the team. “The brand’s design team prepares materials in accordance with strict guidelines. As a result, affiliates can easily get a banner to suit any taste for any current event, at whatever resolution they want. To do this, they just go to the affiliate account in the section with promotional materials or contact the manager.”

Indeed, there are several ways that affiliates can communicate with 1xBet Partners, and vice versa. The team at 1xBet Partners team is constantly working to ensure that there are as many communication channels with affiliates as possible. For most affiliates, the three main ways this can be done is through a partner account, a personal manager or a Telegram channel.

“1xBet Partners understands that the owners of websites, YouTube channels and Instagram accounts have many worries about their own development. That is why we make interaction as easy as possible,” concluded the team. “Saving time and the ability to monetise traffic has already attracted more than 30 thousand partners. Join, and you can experience all the benefits of 1xBet Partners.”


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