Huawei Forges Ahead with Digitalization and Transformation at its APAC Digital Innovation Congress 2022


As part of its recent Singapore Partner Summit at the Huawei APAC Digital Innovation Congress 2022, global tech company, Huawei, reaffirmed its mission to “Digitalize, Transform the Present.” Held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre Singapore on May 20, 2022, the summit brought together Huawei’s executives and leading industry players to share more about the organization’s latest incentive programmes, policies, and partner strategies in light of challenges around the world.

In his keynote speech, Managing Director of Huawei Singapore Enterprise Business, Mr Howard Hao, highlighted the urgent need to drive inclusive and sustainable growth through digital innovation, with the company sharing its plans for creating new industry solutions and promoting partnerships with channel partners.

“2021 was a challenging year for all of us. The pandemic has changed our lives and our work. Yet, despite many difficulties and challenges, our business is still performing well.

“With our mission to ‘Digitalize, Transform the Present,’ we hope to continuously drive the convergence of ICT technology with industry scenarios, and work with partners to meet the needs of customers and grow together to move towards a Smart Nation,” added Mr Hao.

Tackling challenges amid global crises

Coming off the back of a year of growth in all focused industries in 2021, Huawei hopes to improve upon stellar results achieved in sectors like healthcare, finance, government, enterprise, and education. With industry digitalization an inevitable process, Huawei will play a significant role in helping push the world forward.

The panel summit also highlighted hot topic issues like the coronavirus, political interference and war, as well as the imbalance in production capacity that have all contributed to a global chipset supply shortage and rising prices, in which Huawei is well-positioned to tackle the issue with its end-to-end supply diversification strategy.

Huawei emphasizes how the company has offered solutions with the Huawei Fast Track Program, which focuses on a systematical mechanism for business continuity management such as designing its chip set for IP products, while applying multiple suppliers and production strategies.

The company also ensures supply continuity through initiatives like self-design and manufacturing, having multiple suppliers for procurement, production facilities and supply chains located globally, as well as stockpiling for unforeseen circumstances such as the pandemic. As a result, the effectiveness of Huawei’s supply continuity management system continues to bear fruit and helps the company meet customers’ needs.

Further commitments to sustainability

Huawei has also unveiled plans to push sustainability as one of its core initiatives, made possible by enhanced green power generation and efficient power utilization without sacrificing performance or speed for global enterprises.

Supported by a robust partner ecosystem in the region, users can look forward to a safe, stable, and efficient industrial network of the highest quality, ensuring that Huawei’s core capabilities of meeting industry standards, interconnection and interoperability, algorithm capabilities, software and hardware platforms, and production and delivery will always be met for enterprise data communication.

In this regard, R&D investment and collaboration have also played vital roles in achieving more innovations, as pointed out by CEO of Huawei International Pte Ltd, Mr Foo Fang Yong. “By continuously creating new values through our R&D investment and joint innovations, we aim to collaborate greater for shared success while strengthening our partnership to build an open ecosystem and move forward faster to grow together,” said Foo.

Finally, Huawei’s Managing Director Mr Howard Hao concluded, “Huawei’s success cannot be achieved without the support of our partners. In 2021, our focused partner business grew by 34%, and we have invested more than 3M in marketing dollars and incentives for our partners. We will continue to invest and form a win-win partnership with all of you.”

Continued Support for Talent Cultivation

In continued efforts to address the shortage of local tech talent for Singapore, especially to enhance job opportunities and employability for Singaporeans in ICT industries, Huawei ICT Academy has joined with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) to launch an industry certification-based train and place programme as part of Singapore’s SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) in AI and Cloud Services. Singapore Polytechnic has been a Huawei ICT Academy partner since 2020.

Subsidised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), this course is the first of its kind since the launch of SCTP in April 2022. Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped with ICT and Computer Engineering skills and competency in areas such as Computer Networking, Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services and Storage solutions.

“Building a sustainable pipeline of qualified local tech talent is imperative as Singapore is paving its way into the future. We are proud to work closely with Singapore Polytechnic and do our part to contribute, “said Mr Foo Fang Yong, CEO of Huawei International. “Huawei, as a technology enabler, will continue bolstering our long-standing relationship with various local institutes of higher learning, from top universities to polytechnics to further cultivate and grow local talent to become the leaders of our digital future.”

“Singapore Polytechnic is proud to be Huawei’s capability developer in this competency building programme to groom and nurture Singapore’s next generation of ICT leaders and talents. Our common vision to attract and re-train learners with the latest ICT technologies and knowledge will enable Singapore to grow a robust ICT talent base to power and shape the digital economy across sectors such as manufacturing, logistics and transportation in the future,” said Ms Georgina Phua, Deputy Principal (Development) of Singapore Polytechnic.

Huawei has been striving to build a healthy ICT talent ecosystem and address the shortage of ICT professionals in Singapore through its ICT Academy and forging strong alliances with nine local Institutes of Higher Learning since 2019. To date, Huawei ICT Academy has trained over 2,000 Singapore students and certified more than 30 lecturers over the past three years. In the recent Huawei Global ICT Competition 2020/2021, two student teams from Singapore Polytechnic clinched the Grand Prize and the second prize, out of 109 teams comprising 327 students from 39 countries.

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