iGaming 3.0: Trueplay outlines the future at ICE2023

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Trueplay takes part and is available for meetings at the ICE London 2023 on 7-9 February

The online gaming industry has been changing rapidly in recent years, with many new players entering the market and existing operators fighting for customers. ICE London is the world’s largest gaming show, where all the latest innovations in the iGaming industry are announced. And Trueplay has something to bring to the table. By tokenizing gaming businesses, Trueplay not only helps reach higher metrics but changes the industry.

Why iGaming needs tokenization

Blockchain is fundamentally changing how industries operate by introducing trustless and tamperproof smart contracts. At its core, the technology is an immutable ledger that tracks transactions without the need for a centralized authority, eliminating the possibility of tampering with data after it has been recorded. It makes blockchain attractive for iGaming operators looking for ways to increase consumer trust in their betting brands.

Tokenization can attract players through loyalty programs and rewards, retain them with exclusive experiences, and even convert them into gamblers willing to pay more than they normally would for something that’s not worth as much as its face value. Furthermore, tokenization converts a traditional asset into a digital token, making it possible to trade an asset on distributed ledgers. It allows casinos to get ahead of their competitors while enjoying the benefits of tokenization themselves.

Trueplay bridges the gap between emerging smart contract technology and traditional online casinos with its gamified mechanics from the crypto world called Play to Earn and Hold to Earn. By putting such Tokenized Loyalty Programs in place, the company helps bring casinos into the blockchain era and reap the harvest first.

“Evolution of all online industries to Web 3 is inevitable, and iGaming is no exclusion. The concept of iGaming 3.0 takes the industry step further and helps you prepare for what’s to come. Tokenization is one of the latest technological breakthroughs that can help casinos stay competitive as they adapt to an increasingly difficult environment. And Trueplay is here for them to put a safety layer between Web 2 and Web 3 models,” says Alex Antsyferov, CBO at Trueplay.

The know-how of Trueplay

Trueplay provides two tokenized loyalty programs: Play to Earn and Hold to Earn. The Play to Earn program rewards players for playing on the casino’s website. Players earn branded tokens, which they can bet again. The Hold to Earn program rewards players for holding their tokens for a while and makes them return to the platform to get the earned.

The advantages for businesses include but are not limited to a loyal audience, higher GGR, retention, etc. As an operator, you can expect to see the following benefits after implementing Trueplay Loyalty Programs:

  • Up to 5.2 times higher retention rate within six months. Players using Trueplay are more likely to play again after leaving the casino than those not using it, so your churn rate will drop significantly with this new technology in place.
  • 148% higher traffic ROI and 67.4% higher ARPPU. Trueplay increases the number of players who make more bets on your platform. You’ll have more loyal customers who enjoy their experience and stick around longer.
  • Better security for both sides of the equation. For operators and gamers, no personal data is required or shared through this process.
  • Easy integration and a single set-up fee. Trueplay allows to tokenize any operating casino without extensive technical work.
  • Full support. The Trueplay specialists developed a marketing strategy to make your users tune in to new opportunities.

Trueplay is constantly improving the product for casino operators and owners to make the most of it. The team will present all the updates and new features coming this year at ICE London 2023, which takes place at ExCeL London, February 7-9. The Trueplay stand is S9-360. If you’re interested in meeting up with the Trueplay team there, message: [email protected]

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