Introducing the Valhallan Esports League: a new competitive gaming experience for youth esports teams in the UK and Europe

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Valhallan Esports League (VHEL), a youth esports league exclusively designed for youth esports with players aged 10-16 years, is excited to announce its launch in the UK and Europe. The new initiative expands the US-based league’s footprint following three years of growth in North America.

This summer season, starting on June 12th, the league is inviting coach-led youth esports teams of 2-5 players to participate for free, in a thrilling opportunity to compete across a variety of popular games. The league is open to teams associated with schools, clubs, community organisations, LAN centres and independent teams.

The league features five highly popular esports titles: Valorant, Overwatch 2, Rocket League, Apex Legends and Fortnite. For this initial season, the registration fee that normally starts from £57 per team per season for non-Valhallan teams is waived, offering a competitive, safe and fun platform for young gamers to showcase their skills and teamwork.

Christopher Baarstad, Vice President of League Operations, said, “After three successful years of shaping the North American youth esports landscape with club teams and scholastic programmes, we’re thrilled to expand our reach and bring the unparalleled VHEL experience to the UK and Europe. Youth teams will have a unique opportunity to compete, develop their skills and foster lasting friendships. The VHEL difference lies in our unique approach, offering a supportive, affordable and anti-toxic league environment that has already attracted over 100 organisations and 2,000 student-players in the US. Now our aim is to create a vibrant gaming community that empowers kids to engage in healthy competition and have fun across the UK and Europe too.”

Registration for the league is open until June 11th, and teams can sign up on the Valhallan Esports League website. Participants will compete against other teams from the UK and Europe throughout the season. Moreover, twice a year, they will also have the opportunity to compete against their counterparts from the US arm of the league, adding an exciting international dimension to the competition.

The Valhallan Esports League is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for young gamers, emphasising fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork. With this launch, the organisation looks forward to fostering a thriving esports community for kids across the UK and Europe.

Here’s what coach-led teams in the US like so much about the league:

Safety & Collegiality – the highly moderated Discord server and strict anti-toxicity rules ensure a positive, collegial experience for all participants. VHEL prioritises safety and fair play, relieving the fear and anxiety of allowing kids to play others online, so coaches can focus on what matters most – guiding their teams to a successful, educational and fun season.

Cost Effective – VHEL keeps costs as low as possible to sustain league operations. The pricing model is based on a “team” model as opposed to the notorious “pay per player” model, so that teams are free to use roster cap sizes and substitutes without additional costs.

Unparalleled Support for Teams – VHEL understands the importance of timely assistance, which is why a dedicated support team is available around the clock via Discord, especially during crucial match-up times.

Competitive Divisional Play – forget the standard swiss model – VHEL’s divisional play structure guarantees exciting, evenly matched contests that foster growth and skill development. Divisional champions advance to face other top teams in the playoffs.

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