Is the Metaverse wave of the future?

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CryptoGamble analyses the current trends and the predictions of the Metaverse market

CryptoGamble, owned by FirstByte Media, has conducted extensive research about all things Metaverse, including its indisputable present and future growth. The article contains statistics that attest to this fact.

This research showcases the Metaverse’s market exponential growth of $47.48 billion compared to 2021, when the number stood at $38.85 billion. Compared to the $783.3 billion market size prediction for 2024, the current value seems low but is anything but.

The analysis also focuses on the most common types of entertainment Metaverse users prefer, such as enjoying games, visiting art galleries, and music concerts. The thorny topic of NFTs, especially in relation to Metaverse, is also focused on.

The analysis goes on to reveal the overall predictions of the Metaverse market, emphasizing igaming and crypto gambling, respectively.

The team states that the iGaming in the industry recognizes the rise of the Metaverse market and the potential of exploring new ways of operating crypto gambling.” To quote Cosmin Mesenschi – FirstByte Media’s CEO, “This article brings us closer to understanding the possible opportunities that Metaverse brings all of the iGaming operators, especially crypto-based ones. The industry’s future is here, and we are ready to explore it.

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