iWave Announces Industry-First Foundation and Company Screening


iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence solu6tion, is excited to announce the launch of their highly anticipated Foundation and Company Screening technology. While wealth screening for individuals has been available for decades, no technology provider has ever been able to provide a screening solution for institutional donors, until now.

The first of its kind, this screening technology enables nonprofits to secure more grants and gifts by accelerating and transforming their foundation and corporate fundraising efforts. For decades, identifying and researching foundations and companies has been a time-consuming process that involved searching multiple databases one at a time, collecting all the data in one place, and manually calculating ratings for each prospect to identify top prospects.

With iWave’s Foundation and Company Screening, nonprofits can quickly segment hundreds or thousands of foundations and companies into a prioritized list with actionable insights.

“One of the biggest advantages I immediately saw was that it would save a lot of time when it came to foundation research. Instead of having to look up a bunch of foundations individually and scan through their 990s, we are now able to get a summary of them with just one screening. The data given was easy to interpret and would be useful to both me and the frontline fundraisers. I’m looking forward to being able to continue using this feature!” said Laura Pelletrino, Development Associate, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

Foundation and Company Screening can be used to:

  • Quickly identify top institutions who have a history of giving to organizations like yours
  • Uncover detailed information including grants awarded, sales volume, total assets, EIN numbers, and contact information
  • Segment and prioritize institutions using scores and results that are tailored to your organization
  • Receive comprehensive foundation and company profiles
  • Understand an institution’s giving capacity and giving patterns to determine the best ask amount
  • Easily view a side-by-side comparison of foundations or companies

“Being able to innovate and create features that have never been done in the fundraising industry, is something that we are very proud of. This is our second ground-breaking feature of 2021, after launching Multi-Lens Scoring, which transforms the way nonprofits fuel all aspects of their fundraising strategy. Our clients look to us to create technology that will work as hard for their nonprofit as they do and that is just what we are able to do here,” said Mary Cote, VP Product, iWave.

If a nonprofit does not already have foundation and company prospects within their database, they can still utilize this new screening functionality. Using iWave’s industry-leading, comprehensive datasets, nonprofits can easily build a list of US or Canadian foundation or company prospects, based on a multitude of criteria including location, affinity category (e.g. healthcare), and family foundations. They can then screen this list using iWave’s Foundation and Company Screening technology to rate, prioritize, and gain a deeper understanding of new top prospects. For grant seekers and corporate funding researchers looking to save time, this feature is a game-changer.

“Innovation is something iWave has never been a stranger to. We pride ourselves in being first in customer service, first in fundraising technology, and first in creating features that change the way nonprofits fundraise. Foundation and Company Screening has been something nonprofits have been searching for and we are excited to see how our clients will change the world in even greater ways, with our help,” said iWave President and CEO Ross Beattie.

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