Juan Muñoz rounds up MGA Games’ successful year of great ‘Spanish Celebrities’ releases

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MGA Games, leaders in producing localised slot games for global operators, presents to the Spanish operators Juan Muñoz its latest 3-reel Spanish Celebrities slot game, with which it rounds up a year full of new productions and launches.

The Spanish Celebrities formula continues its success in online casinos. These Spanish slot games are greatly appreciated by players and continue to increase the operators’ business figures. This 2022 has been full of new products, with games as outstanding as Hawaii Five-0, Santa Fe Mix, Eugenio, Gnomos Mix, El Koala, RF Angels, Ainhoa, RF Neopolis, El Sevilla, Mario Vaquerizo, and RF Burlesque. Now, Juan Muñoz joins these high-quality slot games in what will be another successful launch for the year and undoubtedly one of the casino customers’ favourite options.

Juan Muñoz has stated, on several occasions, that he is delighted with the slot game. For the comedian, the result is exceptional, with much of the games’ success due to the original audio recordings and personalised songs included, making it a truly unique production.

Juan Muñoz takes players on a musical journey to the rhythm of bulerías with 7 mini-games inspired by the artists’ best performances, who, for two decades, formed part of one of the best-known comic duos in Spain: Cruz y Raya.

The game, equipped with the latest technology and set in the comical actors’ funny world, includes a triple view design adapted for mobile screens, players’ favourite gaming platform.

Together with Juan Muñoz, players will wander through the flea market stalls in the main game, have a drink in the best bars in the upper game, and watch the actor perform on his guitar in one of the mini-games. Guitars, Sevillanas dancers, and the “Paapa” are some of the themed symbols in this new instalment.

The 7 mini-games in Juan Muñoz are accessed when players get certain prize lines. In the mini-games, players will discover prizes and surprises selling fruit at the market, playing the guitar alongside the Sevillanas dancers and trying their luck in games of chance such as the slot machines or the Trilero game.

Juan Muñoz is a 3-reel, 9-line game in Spanish and English, with advances and retentions, Wild and vertical lines. A premium slot game from MGA Games created using HTML5 technology with a responsive design makes it compatible with all digital formats.

The slot game, first presented in Ceuta at an exclusive event attended by more than 50 representatives from national online casinos, can be played from December 12th on all main online gaming operators’ platforms.

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