Leading the infrared technology to the world: SATIR Infrared’s excellent thermal imager smart phone S1 unveiled at MEE Dubai


On March 7-9, Middle East Energy was grandly opened in the Middle East UAE – Dubai World Trade International Exhibition Center. As one of the leading companies in the field of international and domestic infrared thermal imaging, SATIR was invited to participate in this event.

Technology combined with aesthetics, thermal imaging camera “installed” into the high-end flagship mobile phone

At the exhibition site, SATIR launched the outdoor three-proof thermal imager smart phone S1, which became the focus of the whole field. 5G chip and Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core CPU, 48 million main camera + 13 million front camera flagship image, 8G + 256G memory configuration, S1 is not only comparable to high-end flagships, but more crucially, successfully “loaded” the 10,000RMB grade thermal imaging camera. In addition to the mainstream 256×192 thermal resolution, it also has beyond the traditional thermal imaging -20℃ ~ 550℃ high range temperature measurement and 25Hz refresh rate, the image quality is clearer. And with IP68 level three protection certification, S1 can easily deal with sand, water, fall and other scenes, and it is more convenient to use.

Advanced thermal imaging products, enable all industries to work safely

High-end gas leak detector V90, which can detect more than 20 kinds of gases such as methane and benzene, can help inspectors quickly locate leak points. The same is the high-end series of P2, 1024×768 ultra HD infrared resolution and supports manual, motor and auto focus, enabling microscope-level detail detection. In addition, GF5000 multi-functional thermal imaging camera for firefighting and D160-pro entry-level thermal imaging camera were also exhibited.

In the future, SATIR will launch more “advanced, precise, excellent and new” thermal imaging products that combine “strong performance, intelligence and wide application” to meet the diversified needs of customers and inject new energy into the development of the world’s power industry.

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