Lurid Retro Carnage Awaits in Madzik, Smashing onto Steam on May 30th

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BKOM Studios is thrilled to announce the official launch date of Madzik, a narrative-driven, cooperative hack and slash adventure infused with ’80s nostalgia. Get ready to dive into an era of magic, multiple moons and mayhem on May 30th, 2024 – exclusively on Steam.

After our successful demo at the Steam Next Fest, giving players a first taste of the game’s enchanting world and dynamic gameplay, we are excited to bring the first episode of Madzik to our fans and newcomers alike.

A Journey into the Heart of Zikverländ

In Madzik, players are transported to the mystical yet perilous world of Zikverländ, where the celestial Moons dictate the flow of magic and influence the land. Players will encounter a range of dynamic environments and challenges, as each new moon cycle brings its own distinct danger, which alters the game’s world and its inhabitants based on the lunar cycles.

Meet Your Heroes

The game features two distinct heroes, Makino and Veroline, each with unique abilities that enhance the cooperative gameplay experience. Whether you’re bashing through enemies with Makino’s enchanted warhammer or casting devastating spells with Veroline, every battle is a chance to synchronize your skills and overcome the darkness corrupting Zikverländ.

Zikverländ awaits. Will you rise to the challenges and harness the power of the Moon Madness?

Madzik – Episode 1 is now available to wishlist on Steam, and will launch on May 30th. Keep up to date by joining the official Discord server and following BKOM Studios on X.

Madzik is made possible with the financial contribution of the Canada Media Fund.

Key Features

Cooperative Gameplay: Team up with a friend to unlock the full potential of the moons and defeat the corrupting forces. Your success depends on how well you collaborate with each other. Join forces and rise to the challenge together!

Narrative Journey: Madzik unfurls a captivating tale that comes to life with every encounter. With banter enriched by stunning voiceovers and engaging cutscenes between characters, this is one journey you will truly remember.

Empowering Transformation: Channel the Madzik energy to morph into a more formidable and powerful version of yourself, unlocking new strengths and abilities.

Dynamic Moon System: Witness the environment and enemies transform before you, their tactics and powers shifting with each lunar phase. Exploit their weaknesses and prepare for new challenges as you face off against ever-evolving adversaries.

Handcrafted Mystical Lands: Set foot in lively and handcrafted lands filled with rewarding exploration opportunities. From wool to pencil, Zikverländ is shaped with IRL elements that bring a unique aspect to the game.

Versatile Ability System: Madzik’s ability system is part of your adventure, offering an array of diverse and customizable skills. It’s designed to offer a unique avenue for customization. Find the playstyle that suits you best.

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