Marble Launches First Digital Wallet and Rewards for Insurance, Announces Opening to Any U.S. Policyholder


Marble, the first digital wallet and loyalty platform for insurance, today announced that it is dropping its waitlist and opening its platform to any U.S. policyholder. Policyholders can now sign up to become a Marble member, link and manage their personal insurance policies, and start earning rewards. Members will also be able to shop and compare policies to get the best coverage and rates.

Marble acts as a one-hub, digital wallet where customers can seamlessly manage all of their personal insurance details and payments. Marble is also the first and only platform that allows you to earn rewards on your insurance, which you can redeem in a variety of ways, including towards premium payments, gift cards, and more.

“We’ve seen incredible disruption and progress when it comes to high-flying trading and banking apps, but we really haven’t seen anything truly innovative when it comes to the most common financial instrument in the U.S.: insurance,” said Stuart Winchester, founder & CEO at Marble. “Marble is re-imagining the insured-insurer relationship by building a platform that allows both parties to benefit and engage. Marble is bringing insurance into the twenty-first century, providing members with a personalized insurance wallet, allowing them to take control of their insurance — and earn rewards while doing it.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Link. To get started, go to and sign up. Link your personal insurance policy(ies) by uploading your “declarations page” or, if your insurance carrier is currently supported by Marble, by signing into your insurance carrier’s site via Marble’s interface. Members can manage, bundle, and keep track of all of their personal insurance policies, regardless of carrier, at a glance, in a single digital wallet.
  • Earn. Start earning rewards (known as “Marbles”) right away by adding policies, referring friends, and, soon, through your regular insurance premium payments. Then, cash in your rewards for digital gift cards from popular brands, charitable donations, and more. The more you engage with the platform, the more you earn.
  • Shop. Marble also makes shopping and comparing policies easy and transparent. With Marble, members can instantly get insight into competitive policies — allowing members to shop for and purchase the best policy and rate personalized to them. Marble’s shopping experience provides members with unbiased results and a clear explanation of benefits, as well as details on how much they could potentially save on their monthly premiums.

“Most consumers only interact with their insurance policy once a year, at renewal, and have to deal with frustrating rate hikes for a product they’re often legally required to own. Meanwhile, insurance companies spend billions on advertising to attract these same consumers year after year. It’s an extremely inefficient arrangement,” Stuart continued. “Marble offers a different, much more intuitive way for modern customers to interact with their policies and for insurance carriers to engage with their customers. By offering rewards and adding transparency, Marble is rethinking the current dynamic, increasing engagement and, for our enterprise partners, the likelihood of renewal. Everyone wins.”

Today’s announcement follows Marble’s $2.5 million raise in seed round funding, backed by IA Capital Group, MS&AD Ventures, Reciprocal Ventures, Fintech Ventures Fund, The Takoma Group, and HU Investments.

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