Maria Ozawa denounces Online Casino K9Win for illegally using her image on its promotional campaigns

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Maria Ozawa recently released a strongly worded open letter admonishing K9Win for using her image and likeness in promotional materials after her contract with them as brand ambassador ended.

According to the letter, Ozawa signed a one-year deal with K9Win. She was ordered to use her personal social media accounts for their campaigns, leading to them either getting banned or restricted, upsetting her as she was not compensated for this misstep.

In addition, she feels that she has been grossly misled as the online gambling company continues to include her in promotions and posts on their website and social media accounts even after her contract with them has elapsed.

“To my full understanding and as explained to me by K9Win during the contract signing, I would cease being their brand ambassador upon the completion of our contract,” Maria pointed out in her letter.

“This misdirection has caused significant distress to me and my current partners,” she went on. “Hence, I would like to set the record straight and make things clear: I am no longer K9Win’s brand ambassador and am in no way associated with their company.”

She concluded her letter with: “I am currently a proud business partner of Asia’s leading online gaming entertainment platform, M88 Mansion.”

In a few days following the letter, Ozawa conducted a live stream where she further emphasized that she is no longer K9Win’s brand ambassador and that the company should stop using her likeness to their benefit.

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