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From 28th February to 3rd March 2022, the global mobile ecosystem will convene at the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, an outreach platform launched by the GSMA, a global organisation that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. MarketsandMarkets™ is proud to be associated as a sponsor for the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry – the MWC Barcelona 2022.

MWC2022 will be attended by global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners coming together to connect and share the latest thought leadership on the impact of digital technology on industries, the economy and society at large.

MWC2022 will showcase the theme of “Connectivity Unleashed” – bringing together the entire mobile community together to collaborate and innovate on how disruptive technologies such as AI, Cloud, 5G, Robotics, and Big Data and industries such as Fintech, Manufacturing, and Automotive are driving our connected economy and the transformational impact it will have on our everyday lives.

At MarketsandMarkets™, we believe that in the transformational journey towards a digital future, it will take pioneering industry leaders and innovating powerhouses from across all sectors to shape the future of connectivity. As the world’s largest revenue impact company, we identify high growth and niche revenue opportunities across industry trends and markets to help organisations plan and operationalise their future revenue mix decisions.

“From a growth perspective, 5G resembles a cloud computing disruption of the decade of the 2010’s – enabling new business models with $100 BN new revenue potential within the next 3-4 years.” – Krishnan Chatterjee, COO, MarketsandMarkets™

At MWC2022, we will be focusing on the disruptive technology of the evolution of 5G and how it can provide incremental growth opportunities for enterprises. With 5G and edge cloud networks, telecom operators will be able to greatly increase their relevance and attractiveness as service delivery partners.

Join Aashish Mehra, Chief Research Officer, MarketsandMarkets™, in conversation with Kalyan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer and Head, Ecosystems, HCL Technologies, in “DEMYSTIFYING $100BN OF INCREMENTAL GROWTH OPPORTUNITY FOR 5G SERVICES IN ENTERPRISES” and answering important questions such as:

– What are the major factors impacting the adoption of 5G services globally?
– Which are the key use cases enabling the $100Bn 5G services opportunity in enterprises?
– How can we identify the most attractive applications?

Download our whitepaper on Demystifying $100bn of Incremental Growth Opportunity for 5G Services in Enterprises

Connect with us at MWC Barcelona 2022 and let us help you stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth revenue impact methodology that will provide quantified and actionable insights on converged, granular, and connected market ecosystems that will be impacted by the disruptive technology of 5G.

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