Mayo Clinic, nference Accelerate Biomedical Discovery Through Data-Derived Insights


Mayo Clinic and nference today announced advancements in harnessing biomedical data. These advancements will accelerate innovative scientific and clinical research to improve patient care. Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to innovation in clinical practice, education and research and providing compassion, expertise and answers to everyone who needs healing. nference is transforming healthcare by making biomedical knowledge computable.

The central accomplishment in these advancements is the Clinical Data Analytics Platform. This is a key venture within the Mayo Clinic Platform, which is the strategic initiative to improve health care through data-derived insights and knowledge.

In just one year, Mayo’s collaboration with nference produced the secure and privacy-protecting Clinical Data Analytics Platform. This platform deidentifies and synthesizes billions of relevant pieces of biomedical knowledge, including clinical data, laboratory reports, ECGs and physician notes. The unprecedented combination of structured and unstructured data, including clinical notes and images, has until now been inaccessible in a computable format for analysis and use by scientists and clinicians, and represents the collective experience of millions of patients and the wisdom of thousands of physicians.

The Clinical Data Analytics Platform features best-in-class nference deidentification technology, augmented curation of unstructured and structured data and a novel federated search model, allowing researchers to derive meaningful scientific and clinical insights. Data are stored in a secure cloud environment. This innovative platform centers on patient privacy, while opening promising new avenues for research and development into therapeutics, early diagnosis and clinical care.

“Our commitment to improving patient lives is always front and center,” says John Halamka, MD, president, Mayo Clinic Platform. “In developing the Clinical Data Analytics Platform with nference, we established a secure, privacy-protecting environment that accelerates research and development of diagnostics, therapeutics and cures to improve patient care.”

“nference, a science-first software company, was founded to improve patient outcomes by unlocking insights in biomedical data while protecting individual patient privacy,” says Murali Aravamudan, co-founder and CEO of nference. “We have built a software platform that brings vast, curated quantities of scientific and biological knowledge ― previously siloed and inaccessible ― to researchers’ and clinicians’ fingertips so they can, for the first time, draw on the collective wisdom and experience of millions of scientists, physicians and patients.”

Over the past year, the collaboration between Mayo Clinic and nference has accelerated life sciences research, development and clinical care in significant ways including biomarker discovery and validation, real-world evidence generation and early disease detection.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayo Clinic and nference researchers demonstrated the power and utility of their sophisticated analytics to advance understanding of COVID-19, contributing to the body of medical knowledge in molecular, epidemiological and clinical research, including:

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