Meet Aspire, Jordan’s IT Success Story


Introducing Aspire, the company that has put Jordan on the map for IT outsourcing.

When you think of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the first thing that comes to mind is that of a beautiful and historic country, with its famous tourist sites (such as Petra and the Dead Sea), great food, and a vibrant culture.

While all this is true, increasingly, Jordan is being recognized as a regional hub for technology, economic activities and foreign investments due to its strategic location between AfricaAsia and Europe, along with its highly educated and skilled workforce and stable, business friendly governance.

Aspire realized Jordan’s potential nearly two decades ago and has been as the leading IT Services Partner for multinational companies ever since.

“These last 18 years have been an exciting journey for Aspire, during which we have continuously evolved to keep pace with the fast-changing technology landscape. This has been possible due to the skills and sheer professionalism of our team of talented Aspirers. They have served our clients with a 120% delivery mindset and a single-minded focus on enabling clients achieve their business successes. As a proud Jordanian company, we are proud of the diversity of our workforce with over 300 tech-savvy professionals mostly from Jordan and 40+ % of them being female. We have delivered close to nine million hours of services, to global and local clients in a wide array of sectors, from healthcare to financial services, from media and entertainment to governmental agencies. Aspire is built on our core values of trust, reliability and quality!”
– Kaushal Shah, Founder and Managing Director

Aspire Services

Aspire currently provides a variety of services, from Digital Transformation including Agile, Cloud & DevOps transformation, Quality Engineering & Testing, Infrastructure Support Services to bespoke Software & Mobile Engineering Services. Aspire Digital services are aligned to the key pillars of client success – the right strategy and architecture to derive optimal returns from digital investments, enhanced experience and growth through greater customer interactions and introduction of efficiency and agility in our approach and processes to optimize costs and improve quality.

Aspire Today

Aspire has always been agile, working with the latest technologies offering a flexible delivery model. Remote work is not something new for the employees of Aspire. They could previously work remotely if they wished, as long as they didn’t sacrifice on quality, communication, productivity, collaboration and security. Due to this, Aspire’s digitally savvy teams have been able to deliver uninterrupted services for customers in Jordan and around the world.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, our work has remained steady and even grown due to pure word-of-mouth recommendations from clients. The pandemic has transformed the way CXOs are looking at sustaining and growing their businesses. It is widely recognized that now, more than ever, Digital transformation has become the top priority for companies to ensure minimal disruptions to their businesses. Companies are in fact leveraging digital technologies in the current situation to optimize their business costs, identify new revenue streams and enable enhanced service delivery through appropriate digital interventions.

Aspire 2.0.

As Aspire turns 20 in 2022, it is on a mission to reinvent itself as a full-service technology consulting partner – what it calls as the ‘Aspire 2.0 Vision.’

So, what does Aspire wish to achieve in this new phase? Aspire Vision 2.0 means that:

  • Aspire intends to strategically enter into newer markets in the MENA region and further strengthen our presence in Jordan as well as other North American markets
  • Increasing our focus on new/emerging technologies such as: Intelligent Automation, Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity, among others
  • Providing best-in-class technology consulting services leveraging Aspire proprietary tools, frameworks and enablers built on decades of professional services experience across industries and technologies
  • Strategic talent acquisition from leading companies across the globe to lead transformation initiatives and new business lines
  • Continue to develop partnerships with strategic OEM and delivery partners

How we can help?

If you want to:

  • Reduce cost of back-office functions while improving efficiency of your business processes through a digital workforce
  • Improve customer experience and engagement through adoption of smart digital solutions
  • Define and /or review your current Digital strategy
  • Assess your Digital application landscape and help define a roadmap aligned to current technology trends and business needs
  • Identify, build or move or manage Cloud applications
  • Improve agility of product and solutions, based on world class Agile practices
  • Enhance the flexibility, maintainability and security of your applications
  • Outsource the end-to-end development of your omni-channel product/solutions on modern digital technologies
  • Measure and help improve the quality of your products and solutions from functional and non-functional perspectives
  • Review your Business process landscape and help identify, build and run automation solutions (digital bots) to improve quality, efficiency of your services at an optimized cost

If you answered yes to any of these statements, we are the partner for you.

Aspire is here to help customers every step of the way, reducing the friction of adopting the newest technologies, working smoothly and seamlessly and getting the most out of their tools while automating as much as possible along the way. More is yet to come as we embark on our Aspire 2.0 journey. As we scale our teams and capabilities through new partnerships, people and services, expect to hear from us over the next months. Let Aspire be your trusted partner, in the beginning, throughout and beyond. Contact us today.

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