Microsoft powers the future of mobility – Unveils the latest cloud & IoT innovations for electric vehicles in Taiwan


Microsoft unveils the latest cloud and IoT innovative technology at the inaugural 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan Exhibition on Wednesday October 20th, 2021, further unlocking potential of cloud computing for smart mobility industry. The latest reveal highlights Microsoft’s partnership with MIH Consortium (MIH), global manufacturing leader Foxconn’s electric vehicle (EV) software and hardware open platform. Leveraging the power of Microsoft’s cloud service Azure, the partnership delivers secure and innovative cloud-native solutions, accelerates the transformation of automobile industry, while reduces carbon emission for the planet.

Microsoft’s latest innovative cloud computing supports MIH Marketplace’s in four major categories – V2G (vehicle to grid) in support of energy management, pipeline management, dataset management, and in dashboard service – Driver Viewer. Azure IoT Central enables enterprises to collect real-time images, optimizing performance, and improving development agility and efficiency with machine learning modules, container registry, and DevOps.

Jack Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of MIH said, “In the next generation of mobility, user-centricity is key. To enable developers to innovate and create great user experience and applications, we must work towards a Software-Defined Vehicles future by realizing the Open EV Platform vision. The MIH partnership with Microsoft Azure is a great example of connecting and enabling players in the ecosystem to launch new applications and accelerate innovation.”

The automotive industry has shifted from individual hardware manufacturing to software solutions collaboration, critically for electric vehicles. Cathy Yeh, Principal PM Group Manager at Industry Clouds and Solutions, Microsoft Corp, commented on the significance of the partnership for the industry, “As the global energy industry steps into a new era of digital transformation, Microsoft has partnered with Taiwan Power Company and YES Energy Service Co., LTD to bring Vehicle to Grid (V2G) solutions on the MIH EV Open Platform, allowing electric vehicle to be part of ancillary services for grid stabilization, creating a new milestone for smart mobility industry. Microsoft will continue to support MIH and its ecosystem development with cloud-based solutions to unlock new innovations for a booming EV industry.

With smart mobility industry growing at rapid pace, it is imperative to closely manage, monitor, and optimize grid stability, energy supply, and charging sessions to maximize efficiency. Chong-liang Chang, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) added, “The exponential growth of the electric vehicle industry presents both a challenge and an opportunity in Taiwan for power consumption and distribution. Taipower is thrilled to collaborate with MIH and Microsoft on innovative applications in V2G, allowing services for electric vehicles to be agile and user-centric. Leveraging Taipower’s energy trading platform, together we are working towards a vision for Taiwan’s carbon neutrality and industry electrification.

Cybersecurity is an integral part of the electric vehicle ecosystem. Microsoft Azure provides multi-layered, built-in security controls and threat intelligence to protect drivers, and passengers’ personal data. Azure Active Directory is an identity service that manages and secures identities during each of electric vehicle’s development phase. Azure’s high-performance computing (HPC) enables MIH to build algorithms and simulation-driven Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), enabling digital transformation of the ecosystem research & development and collaboration among consortium members.

William Wei, Chief Technology Officer of MIH said, “Microsoft Azure empowers MIH to accelerate the development of Open EV Platform. Its flexibility and cloud services provide stable development environment to enable cloud-based automotive software ecosystem and global deployment of applications to Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) in the future.”

Sustainability is a shared priority for Microsoft and MIH. The partnership allows the ecosystem to transform mobility industry to create a safer, and cleaner planet for all. Sean Pien, Enterprise Commercial Lead of Microsoft Taiwan reiterated the company’s commitment to sustainability, “To achieve our goal of carbon negative by 2030, Microsoft continues to collaborate with ecosystem partners to fulfill our sustainability commitment. Microsoft’s cloud solutions for the EV industry will drive sustainability development for a greener future.”

SOURCE Microsoft Taiwan

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