OneThree Biotech Joins Forces with SPARC to Characterize a Key Oncologic Pathway

OneThree Biotech today announced a collaboration with Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd. (SPARC) (Reuters: SPRC.BO), (Bloomberg: SPADV IN), (NSE: SPARC), (BSE: 532872) to enhance understanding of the biological mechanisms driving a key oncologic disease pathway.

The collaboration will entail application of OneThree Biotech’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to fully characterize an enzyme pathway that metabolizes specific salts or esters involved in oncogenesis. The two companies thus aim to facilitate the discovery and development of innovative anticancer compounds and combination therapies to advance precision oncology.

“Understanding the underlying biological mechanisms that drive cancer progression and response to therapy is the new frontier in oncology research, and artificial intelligence can be instrumental in unlocking the puzzle,” said Neel S. Madhukar, Ph.D., chief executive officer and co-founder of OneThree Biotech. “Applying our biology-driven AI platform in collaboration with SPARC should yield interpretable mechanistic insights as well as highly accurate predictions, allowing us to quickly understand new potential ways to treat cancer and why certain treatments may work.”

“We are very excited to partner with OneThree Biotech on this unique project, as insights gleaned through their biology-driven AI platform will give fresh impetus to our drug discovery programs,” commented Rajesh Ranganathan, vice president, partnerships and portfolio strategy at SPARC. “By combining SPARC’s data and biological understanding with OneThree Biotech’s backend AI technology, we hope to identify specific mechanisms that drive response to small molecules developed by SPARC, thus allowing us to develop new treatments and combination regimens tailored to individual patients’ needs.”

As part of the collaboration, OneThree Biotech will use its proprietary database – which integrates over 40 types for data from 100+ different sources – in combination with its AI platform to identify key drivers in the oncologic pathway the two companies are investigating, identify optimal cancer subtypes based on predicted vulnerabilities, and identify new ways to treat these subtypes. The analysis is expected to generate insights that can be used to identify patient populations that are likely to be sensitive to each type of inhibition, as well as potential single and combination therapies for SPARC to pursue into further preclinical and clinical development.

“The collaboration with SPARC is the latest addition to our growing number of research partnerships, and further testament to our capabilities and expertise, especially in oncology, an area with an enormous opportunity for new biology to advance precision therapies,” added Brad Pryde, chief operating officer and co-founder of OneThree Biotech.

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