Onyxia Cyber Unveils AI-Powered Cybersecurity Performance Management Platform, Enabling Proactive Risk Management


Onyxia Cyber (“Onyxia”) today unveiled the first AI-powered Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM) platform, a vital management platform for security leaders to better measure the performance of their cybersecurity programs and reduce risk. By having real-time Cybersecurity Performance Indicator (CPI) metrics and actionable security program recommendations, security leaders can build and customize their cybersecurity program assessments, optimize their programs’ return on investments, and automate board-level reporting.

With new cybersecurity regulations, like the SEC Cybersecurity risk management rule for public companies and businesses recalibrating their risk management strategies at the board level, there is a growing demand for a unified platform to help Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) act fast by making smarter security and investment decisions. With Onyxia, CISOs have a single place to measure, manage and convey the business value of their cybersecurity programs.

“As the cybersecurity landscape intensifies, CISOs face an unprecedented call to action. With the SEC’s latest updates mandating swift disclosure of cybersecurity incidents and requiring ongoing risk management at the board level, the stakes have never been higher,” said Sivan Tehila, CEO and Founder of Onyxia. “Onyxia is changing that paradigm and transforming a reactive industry into proactive protection with our comprehensive CPM platform. We are empowering security leaders to automate manual board reports and leverage AI-driven insights, aligning cybersecurity KPIs with business goals to protect investors, data, and reputation to fortify organizations against the relentless tide of cyber threats.”

Onyxia’s CPM platform transforms the way CISOs and organizations assess and optimize their security programs with the following purpose-built capabilities:

  • Security Program Assessment: With granular levels of Cybersecurity Performance Indicator (CPI) customization, organizations can tailor their performance assessments to their unique needs, such as demonstrating vulnerabilities avoided and return on security investments.
  • Internal and External Benchmarking: Onyxia’s CPM platform empowers organizations with a more accurate measurement of their cybersecurity performance. Rather than measuring a company’s security posture against its own past performance alone, Onyxia’s CPM platform also measures against the full scope of industry-wide performance, including those of different domains and sectors.
  • Cutting-Edge AI Integration: Leveraging AI technology, Onyxia’s CPM platform ensures a more precise and comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity performance. It analyzes user data by combining user-defined CPIs with external and industry benchmarking sources. In just a few clicks, the platform automates the collection of key security program metrics, allowing CISOs to apply a data-driven approach to their cyber strategy.
  • Free Mobile Application: Onyxia ensures clients can track their organization’s top CPIs while on the go. By seamlessly integrating with leading security solutions, the platform provides a centralized view for managing the security program. The app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Store and adds another layer of intelligence by delivering tailored, real-time alerts on immediate threats and industry news from a robust set of information sources.

“In today’s complex and rapidly evolving landscape, organizations are compelled to evaluate the strength and maturity of their security programs, effectively address top-level risks, comply with stringent regulatory requirements, and achieve optimal business outcomes. CISOs require a transformative solution that empowers them to adopt a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to cybersecurity,” said Neda Pitt, CISO at Belk. “CPM platforms equip CISOs with the tools to elevate their organization’s security capabilities, reduce third-party risk, and navigate the ever-changing threat landscape with unwavering confidence.”

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