Patsnap Fully Opens 140 Data Products to Meet Growing Data Service Demands


On AUG 1st, Patsnap, a leading provider of innovation intelligence solutions, announced the full opening of 140 data types spanning three categories —Patent Data, Bio Chemical Data, and Innovation Data. Patsnap aims to cater to critical data service needs in key scenarios such as Company Innovation, Investment Intelligence, and Pharmaceuticals R&D. Users can access these invaluable data products through various delivery methods, including API and Datafeed. Interested individuals can now register for free on the Patsnap Data Open Platform ( and effortlessly experience these data products online.

This milestone marks a significant leap forward for Patsnap’s data services, unlocking the untapped value and application scenarios that data holds. Bian Fu, Chief Data Officer of Patsnap, emphasized the pivotal role of data in technological innovation, stating, “Data serves as the cornerstone and driving force behind innovation. Our objective is to empower more technology innovators, enabling them to harness the vast array of high-quality data offered by Patsnap to drive productivity, while ensuring data security. Through open data products, we strive to accelerate the development of innovation and business applications.”

Comprehensive Data Types and Extensive Coverage

Patsnap’s data products encompass over 140 data types across three categories, incorporating Patent Data, Bio Chemical Data, and Innovation Data. Notably, Patsnap offers specialized data products such as Patsnap Expanded Family, Patsnap Standardized Assignee, Patsnap Patent Value, Patsnap Classification System, as well as patent litigation, patent licensing data, and patent estimated expiration date data. Additionally, customized data portfolios can be tailored to meet specific enterprise requirements.

The Patent Data covers 178 million patent data entries from 170 global patent offices. It includes legal status data from 108 offices, estimated expiration date data from 138 offices, patent license data from 66 offices, and patent transfer data from 27 offices, among other valuable information.

Bio Chemical Data encompasses 790 million sequences and 490 million nucleotide and protein data points from 80 countries. It also incorporates 220 million chemical structures, featuring multinational chemical approval information and clinical trial data. The collection comprises 73,000 global new drugs, 44,000 targets, 16 million pharmaceutical-related patents, 62 million scientific literature sources, 810,000 clinical trials, and over 870,000 organization data entries.

Innovation Data encompasses 121 million enterprises worldwide, 2.75 million research fund data entries, 4.14 million government funding data entries, 956 thousand market reports, 808 thousand corporate merger data entries, and 22 million news sources, among other vital resources.

Leading Data Processing and Unmatched Quality

Over the years, Patsnap has conducted extensive mining and processing of both domestic and foreign patent raw data. This includes extracting structured fields, images, and PDF files, as well as standardizing key fields such as applicant, number, and address to ensure comprehensive data coverage and association accuracy. As a result, Patsnap has obtained several deeply processed data sets to cater to diverse needs.

The high-quality data products provided by Patsnap owe their excellence to the company’s industry-leading algorithm capabilities. Utilizing computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks, OCR recognition, knowledge mapping, and large-scale modeling techniques, Patsnap processes and analyzes various data types. The data quality is thoroughly evaluated across seven dimensions, including accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, compliance, comprehensiveness, and business professionalism. Additionally, Patsnap employs its self-developed Big Data monitoring and alert systems to gain insights, maintain control, and guarantee stability throughout the entire data production process.

Patsnap’s system capabilities ensure robust network security, data security, and personal information protection. The company has successfully obtained ISO27001 certifications in these areas.

Deep Cultivation of Key Scenarios: Investment Intelligence and Pharmaceuticals R&D

As global industries undergo digital transformation, the demand for high-quality data applications in critical scenarios such as Investment Intelligence, Pharmaceuticals R&D, and Cooperative Innovation has witnessed significant growth.

Within the Pharmaceuticals R&D realm, the need for big data support is particularly pronounced in drug target identification and evaluation, as well as in the creation and decision-making processes of new drug R&D projects. By providing pharmaceutical companies with extensive, high-quality data encompassing targets, drug company R&D pipelines, biological sequences, and other pertinent information, Patsnap plays a pivotal role in facilitating breakthroughs in new drug R&D and shortening drug development cycles.

In the Cooperative Innovation domain, Patsnap not only supplies IP data for enterprise self-built big data information centers but also aids companies in achieving their goals of competition monitoring and patent operation through the comprehensive application of diverse data products.

For Investment Intelligence purposes, Patsnap provides data support to investment institutions in areas such as predictive research and signal finding, ESG theme investment, fundamental analysis, stock selection and portfolio building, as well as investment target screening and elimination.

To cater to the diverse data delivery requirements in different scenarios, Patsnap’s data products support multiple forms, including API and data packages. The API option is ideal for self-built system platforms, internal management system enhancements, and scenarios that demand continuous, real-time access to the latest data. Conversely, the data package option supports batch exports and periodic updates of historical data, catering to one-time scenarios such as self-built thematic libraries and subject research that require less frequent updates.

The Patsnap Data Open Platform ( is now open for free registration, enabling users to easily access and experience the service platform. Following thorough processing, the high-quality and scarce data provided by Patsnap will bridge the gap in the market for insufficiently abundant and high-quality open source data.

Additionally, 13 data products from three series, namely “Global Patent Data,” “Bio Chemical Data,” and “Innovation Data,” have been listed on the Shanghai Data Exchange, its International Board, and the Suzhou Bigdata Exchange, establishing them as integral components of the data element circulation market. Through the release of data products, Patsnap endeavors to unlock the value of data, offer insights, and provide decision support to an increasing number of science and technology innovators, thereby facilitating innovation breakthroughs in the fiercely competitive global market.

SOURCE Patsnap

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