Playsense Appoints Patty Toledo as Chief Partnerships Officer

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Playsense adds to its executive team with strategic international hire

Playsense, the premier creative agency for the global gaming industry, has appointed Patty Toledo as its new Chief Partnerships Officer. Patty brings a wealth of international experience, a diverse career background and a passion for the gaming industry that will undoubtedly propel Playsense to new heights.

In her new role, Toledo will be the architect of Playsense’s collaborative vision. This role blends the art of business development, the finesse of strategic partnerships and the heart of people management to craft a symphony of creativity. She will be responsible for forging imaginative connections, guiding the agency’s growth strategy and inspiring a team of diverse talents to push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring Playsense remains a beacon of artistic excellence in an ever-evolving creative landscape.

Toledo’s appointment reflects Playsense’s commitment to fostering top talent and innovation ensuring that Playsense remains at the forefront of creative marketing solutions for the gaming industry.

Playsense has solidified its reputation as an industry leader by collaborating with gaming giants such as Riot Games, Nacon, Wargaming and more. These partnerships have yielded remarkable results, setting a benchmark for innovation and creativity in the gaming marketing landscape. As it continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons, it is excited to announce that even more thrilling projects are currently in development. Playsense remains committed to delivering ground-breaking marketing campaigns that captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the gaming world.

Toledo first joined the Playsense family in February of 2023 following seven months of invaluable consultancy with the company. Originally hailing from Brazil and now based in Ireland, Toledo’s remarkable career has taken her across continents and industries, demonstrating her adaptability and global perspective.

With a career that began in the music industry, Toledo has had the privilege of connecting with acclaimed artists such as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Bon Jovi before transitioning her expertise into the broader entertainment sector where she has thrived for over 30 years. Her journey led her to discover her true calling in the gaming industry, where she has made an indelible mark.

Previously working in renowned companies including Yahaha Studios and Steel Media, her tireless dedication extends beyond her professional responsibilities as she actively supports and champions the gaming community. Toledo is an Ambassador for Women in Games and a thought leader in the industry, advocating for a more humane and inclusive environment.

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