Pocket Gamer Connects branches out to partner with Games Forest Club to reinforce Sustainability Awareness

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The UK’s biggest global games industry conference Pocket Gamer Connects hits London this January and has announced its green initiative with GamesForest.Club innovative non-profit organisation creating awareness about nature restoration within the games industry. This project is set to change the way the games industry values sustainability. This innovative project aims to help restore nature with the power of gaming, and shine a light on the importance of sustainable business travel.

Pocket Gamer Connects, the must- attend event, is kickstarting the new year to meet exciting global game makers, developers and publishers from top international games, as well as investors, tools, service providers and platforms. The event is known to bring together and connect the most influential thought leaders in the industry.

Based in Berlin, the founders of GamesForest.Club project bring a strong background in the gaming industry, from co-founding Phoenix Games to being head of games:net Berlin-Brandenburg the founding members of the initiative have worked in the gaming industry in the past and formed this project in 2021. Games Forest is on a mission to create awareness and make the gaming industry as climate-positive as possible, with reforestation and forest protection at the heart of its projects. 52 companies have already signed up for the initiative to invest in carbon absorption via planting and protecting forests. In a short period of time, Games Forest’s community has successfully planted over 73 000 trees and protected 1.4 million square metres of forests.

To kickstart the year Jiri Kupiainen, CEO of Matchmade and ambassador of Games Forest Club launches the “10 weeks to save the games industry” social media challenge with Maria Wagner, Co-Founder of GamesForest.Club, where they will travel together around Europe to game shows and games hotspots by train to provide awareness around sustainable business travel and to find out how games industry thought leaders tackle the biggest opportunities and obstacles the industry faces today. Their trip aims to shine a light on the importance of making ethical travel choices that are sustainable and to find out what game companies are doing to be more environmentally friendly – showing that small can make a great positive impact on our environment. Pocket Gamer Connects will be the official media partner of this movement and the event will be one of their stops on this sustainable trip.

GamesForest.Club Co-Founder Maria Wagner has expressed her gratitude and hopes for what this partnership can achieve with more people on board: “We want to create a global community of leaders, who shape and benefit from a green future within the games industry. We are thrilled to be partnering with such a highly regarded company and are really looking forward to this partnership to create a bigger conversation within the games industry as to how we can all collectively make a change to restore and protect nature.”

This partnership aims to bring more awareness to the gaming community on the importance of climate change and the action each individual needs to take to protect the future of our our planet. Pocket Gamer Connects London is taking to the stage next week on the 23rd and 24th of January and is expected to be the biggest one yet, with more than 2,000 attendees globally. PGC London 2023 will host more than 900 leading companies in technology and mobile games with names such as Meta, Google, Sony Pictures and Disney

Chris James, CEO of Steel Media, expressed his excitement about this partnership. “It’s great to be involved in this project. We are really proud of being the conference that unites the international gaming community, and that does also come with a responsibility. We aim to support the environment and build an informed and supported community.”

PG Connects has established an outstanding international reputation as a must-attend conference to meet the exciting global game makers, developers and publishers- as well as some of the world’s top investors, tools providers and platforms. Bringing together the best-connected people in the industry, this event will host multiple panels and discussions, matchmaking activities for game makers, as well as networking opportunities and much more throughout the two full days.

You can register for the event and donate to the GamesForest.Club initiative. All of your contributions will help to protect forest in Peru and will be visualised in the Pocket Gamer Connects Forest.

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