Polte Announces Collaboration with Deutsche Telekom to Drive Massive IoT Location Technology


Polte, innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, announces a collaboration with Deutsche Telekom (DT), the largest telecommunications company in Europe, to run large-scale customer pilots of the Polte Location API. DT aims to use Polte’s patented technology to boost cellular positioning accuracy and enhance international user experiences with asset tracking. The project is currently in its commercial validation phase, piloting with several prominent DT IoT customers requiring universal asset visibility. To learn more about how Polte and DT are revolutionizing location or to enquire about participating in the pilot program, visit https://iotcreators.com/en/iot-location-api/.

Polte is the leader in 4G/5G cellular location, providing the most accurate and secure indoor to outdoor location insights for connected devices globally. Polte creates global visibility with significantly more accuracy than Cell ID, simply leveraging existing cellular networks and cloud computing. With Polte’s simple API, customers can eliminate the expense and complexity of additional hardware, access points, or beacon deployments, allowing for rapid time to ROI. Taking a disruptive approach and offloading computational complexity from “edge to cloud,” Polte both stretches the battery life of connected cellular devices while safeguarding the privacy of location data.

DT had previously announced the addition of Polte as a solution partner to its IoT Solution Optimizer ecosystem, designed for companies that want to cost-effectively deploy reliable, battery-powered Mobile IoT solutions, from asset tracking to smart city services.

“DT is proud to partner with Polte to explore its pioneering, industry-leading location capabilities with customers requiring universal asset visibility without the need for incremental infrastructure,” said Jens Olejak, Head of New Access Technologies at Deutsche Telekom IoT.

Customer pilots are projected to begin on Cat-M (LTE-M) and NB-IoT networks in Germany in April 2021, with a phased approach across Europe. Time to commercialization will be dependent on the results of this commercial validation phase.

“Polte delivers an order of magnitude higher accuracy over competitive cellular location technologies, such as Cell ID,” said Polte CEO, Ed Chao. “We look forward to working with DT to extend these benefits in cost, power and security to customers globally, and helping more businesses derive valuable location intelligence indoors and outdoors.”

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