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PUBG MOBILE Esports is delighted to announce that the group draw for the 2023 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC) will take place live on the 11th October! 50 teams will take part in the show-stopping tournament, the main event of the PUBG MOBILE Esports calendar. Squads from every corner of the world will fight for their survival, to earn their share of the $3 million prize pool and the title of PUBG MOBILE World Champion.

On October 11th, live streamed on PUBG MOBILE Esports social channels and YouTube at 20:00 GMT+8, each qualifying team will be assigned into three separate groups through a live draw process. Following allocation, the PMGC League will take place from November 2nd – November 26th, with the top 3 from each group will advance directly to the PMGC Grand Finals, and the bottom 5 teams eliminated.

The Survival Stage will then take place from November 22nd – 24th, with the remaining teams from the Group Stage battling it out for one of the 16 available slots in the Last Chance Qualifiers. The Last Chance, held on November 25th – 26th, will be the last-ditch effort for hopeful teams as only the top 5 teams can proceed into the PMGC Grand Finals.

Group Stage Qualification Conditions

  • 1st – 3rd -> PMGC Grand Finals
  • 4th – 11th -> Survival Stage
  • 12th – 16th -> Eliminated

Survival Stage Qualification Conditions

  • 1st – 16th -> Last Chance
  • 17th – 24th -> Eliminated

Last Chance Qualification Conditions

  • 1st – 5th -> PMGC Grand Finals
  • 6th – 16th -> Eliminated

The 14 best teams from the PMGC League will be joined by two teams, directly invited, in the PMGC Grand Finals. These 16 teams will go head-to-head in front of a live audience in Istanbul from December 8th – 10th, to discover who will be crowned the PUBG MOBILE World Champion.

PMGC Key Dates

  • PMGC League Group Stage (2nd – 19th November)
  • PMGC League Survival Stage (22nd – 24th November)
  • PMGC League Last Chance Stage (25th – 26th November)
  • PMGC Grand Finals (8th – 10th December)

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