Reelsoft adds tech support for all partners

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Reelsoft, a leading force in the iGaming industry, is making waves with its latest initiative – increased technical support for their platforms VisionRGS, VisionLink, and RNG House. This strategic move positions Reelsoft as a major player, emphasising their commitment to excellent customer service.

The expansion of the support not only ensures immediate issue resolution for partners but also significantly enhances the overall user experience for players. Reelsoft’s dedication to providing real-time communications means an end to automated chat frustrations, offering partners instant guidance on various aspects such as game downtimes, integration errors, providers, and game rounds. Creating a strategic support operation with a functional and resolution oriented plan to all their technical support.

The support is not just reactive; it’s also a proactive measure aimed at identifying and resolving potential technical issues before they impact operations. This approach minimises disruptions and underscores Reelsoft’s commitment to reliability and excellence.

These improvements demonstrate Reelsoft’s evolution into a major player in the iGaming industry, offering a comprehensive suite of benefits – faster technical issue resolution, heightened customer satisfaction, global accessibility, increased reliability checks, quick account assistance, real-time communications, and proactive issue prevention. With its result oriented support, Reelsoft is paving the way for a new era of gaming, where excellence and innovation go hand in hand.

About Reelsoft
Reelsoft is a technology provider for the iGaming business, and focuses on empowering game creation and distribution. With the proprietary platform Vision, including VisionRGS, VisionLINK and RNG House, Reelsoft provides a complete gaming platform, for efficient and effective creation, deployment and success. It underpins every aspect of the process so that partners can focus on the fun parts and leave the heavy lifting to Reelsoft.

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