Skywind Group partners with Central and Eastern European Powerhouse Fortuna

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Skywind Group is delighted to announce its latest partnership with Fortuna which introduces Skywind`s extensive content to a wider audience across Romania.

Fortuna Group is the leading betting and gaming operator in Central and Eastern Europe, offering sports betting, lottery, slot and live games for players in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Croatia, as well as in Romania. Fortuna is extremely popular and is known for providing a safe, exciting and personalized gaming experience.

Partnership with Fortuna expands Skywind`s presence in Romania and allows even more players to experience their content. Best-selling games such as Joker`s Luck, Big Buffalo and Combat Masters are available as well as Wicked 777, Wicked Spins and wicked dice the latest Wicked series title, plus Super Stea developed exclusively for the Romanian market. Skywind and Fortuna are both companies always striving to provide players with a unique gaming experience and the best content. We hope that success in Romania will be just the beginning, and the partnership will grow in other markets across Central and Eastern Europe.

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