Spectrum Retirement Communities Becomes First Senior Living Operator to Provide Balance Scales in Every Community for Fall Reduction in Seniors


Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC (Spectrum) is committed to being the senior living industry’s leader in the wellness of residents, including reducing fall risk. To accomplish this, they have strategically collaborated with innovative partners Legacy Healthcare Services and ZIBRIO to pioneer an innovative program for senior health in the wake of COVID-19. This program ensures that several of ZIBRIO’s SmartScales are available in every Spectrum community and residents have the access and assistance to utilize the scales and

supportive services needed to improve their balance.

As of February 2021, each Spectrum community will receive multiple of the patented ZIBRIO SmartScale to measure their physical balance. The scale uses artificial intelligence to predict an individual’s likelihood of falling. After receiving a balance score, they can either work independently or with a licensed therapist to create a personalized plan to improve their balance and see their rating improve. The score a resident receives can actually identify residents that are at risk of falling within the next 12 months. The ZIBRIO score is predictive, making it a meaningful measure of balance and giving residents the opportunity to make changes before something happens.

Legacy Healthcare Services (Legacy) was selected as Spectrum’s in-house therapy provider for residents needing therapy and wellness services. Legacy provides services solely to the senior population, focusing on both rehabilitative and preventative services with an emphasis on health and fitness education. As a not-for-profit organization, Legacy is able to provide therapy care to those in need of financial assistance, as well as give back in several capacities to their clients and communities.

Spectrum chose the ground-breaking ZIBRIO SmartScale because it provides precision measurement that is predictive, setting them apart from other balance scales, thereby more accurately determining fall risk.  Named 2020 Honoree in Consumer Technology Association’s Innovation Award for CES, winner of the 2020 Consumer Technology Association’s Pitch competition sponsored by AARP to ‘help older adults stay in the game,’ and winner of the AARP Innovation Labs’ Grand Pitch Finale 2020, the SmartScale is science-backed with patented BrioCore technology and the leading balance-improvement product available to consumers and businesses.

“Balance improvement is one of the single most effective things you can do to keep a senior healthy. Once a fall occurs, it’s hard to fully recover not just mobility, but the motivation to keep moving. By using the SmartScales regularly and in conjunction with the therapy services provided through Legacy, we aim to reduce falls by 20% across all our communities. We are proud to be the only senior living operator to provide this portfolio-wide for the benefit of our residents,” shares Stephanie Haley-Andrews, senior vice president of resident care.

Following the implementation of the scales in Spectrum’s 48 communities across the country, the senior living operator plans to work collaboratively with ZIBRIO and Legacy to share data and therapy solutions that have served as impactful interventions, as well as track progress across the senior population. “We’re excited to work with Spectrum, who are known for their proactive approach to residents’ health and wellness,” says ZIBRIO CEO, Katharine Forth. “We’ve seen the motivating effect of understanding your balance and what makes the measurement go up or down. It’s empowering for the individual and promotes truly personalized care across their resident population.”

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