Starcasinò.sport Becomes Sponsor of SSC Napoli

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Through the sponsorship StarCasinò.sport offers supporters a new way to experience SSC Napoli and their hometown, Naples.

StarCasinò.sport, the innovative sports entertainment platform, which is part of Betsson Group, has announced that it has officially become one of the sponsors of the Italian Serie A football team, Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli for the 2020/2021 football season.

The announcement was made with the launch of a video showing some great shots of Naples and the passion for football amongst the fans who are the real heroes of this partnership. Through this sponsorship agreement, StarCasinò.sport will offer all supporters a new way to experience Napoli and their hometown, Naples.

Emotion, surprise, entertainment, and fun are the main keywords defining this partnership. will activate it through original and engaging initiatives and a rich timeline of exclusive content. The goal is to celebrate the iconic city of Naples and the unique bond it has with its football team, providing supporters and football enthusiasts with captivating entertainment.

“We have always been committed to strengthening and growing our brand through innovative and engaging activities that position us close to sports enthusiasts and fans,” said Ronni Hartvig, Chief Commercial Officer at Betsson Group. “The fun-loving spirit, the dedication to the community together with a deep passion, are some of the positive values we share with SSC Napoli, which lead us to invest in high quality, creative and innovative entertainment. Especially at a time when it is not possible to attend football matches in person“.

“SSC Napoli is pleased to welcome its new Institutional Sponsor, StarCasinò.sport – a platform that has embarked on an innovative and creative path in the publishing of digital sports news that we are sure will further enrich the emotional involvement of the Azzurri supporters,” said Alessandro Formisano, Head of Operations, Sales & Marketing for SSC Napoli.

Through the StarCasinò.sport website fans have access to ten exclusive, truly unforgettable experiences: from the joy of receiving an autographed Insigne jersey, to the possibility of having a coffee with a player in historical Napoli, or being a speaker for a day, announcing the formation of their dream team.

The agreement with StarCasinò.sport also includes LEDs on the sidelines at the San Paolo Stadium, a StarCasinò.sport sign at the Castel Volturno Technical Centre, branded backdrops during interviews with the players and the brand logo on the official website , all increasing the visibility of the brand.

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