Stretch Network Adds New Features To Its Poker

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Constantly improving its feature set, Stretch Network is adding new Sonic Poker and All-in Cash Out.

Sonic Poker is the fast-paced cash game mode where players move to a different table with different opponents in each hand. Players are automatically placed in a ‘Players Pool’ and when someone folds, they immediately move on to a new hand at a new table. Players can fold at any point when they are facing a bet, even before it’s their turn to act. The purpose of Sonic Poker is to increase the number of hands played by players per session, as well as to increase the retention rate of players in cash games.

All-in Cash out functionality is designed to allow players to play more hands while encouraging them to play higher stakes. It offers players low-risk bets and the ability to evaluate their win/lose risk based on the probability of win calculated in case of 2 players who go all-in before the river.

Both features are designed to bring additional excitement to the gaming experience, as well as provide operators with significant opportunities for revenue growth and long-term success.

The constant work on creating new features and improving the poker software is just a testament to Stretch Network’s commitment to excellence and flexibility.

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