Swipe – Multiply Your Winnings By 25.000!

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For every mobile games enjoyer, this a perfect game – Swipe, an atypical casino game developed by Expanse Studios, young and aspiring casino studio, comes with very simple rules. It will appeal to all players who like unconventional games, with a touch of adrenaline, but lots and lots of fun!

The goal of the game is to make a perfect combination of numbers that will correspond to randomly selected digits of the game – the closer you get to it, the more money you win! The payout ratios are from 1 all the way up to 25,000! The coefficient grows with a larger number of matching numbers, of course, and reaches its maximum if you hit all the digits of a randomly selected number.

Win a Progressive Jackpot!

When you open Swipe, you will notice two windows with six numbers each. The first contains a RNG number and the second is reserved for the player who, dragging from top to bottom, puts together their combination, matching the first combination as much as possible.

If you match five digits, your bet is multiplied by 1,000, and if you hit all six numbers, the payout is multiplied by 25,000! The game is quite dynamic, the outcome is known after only a few seconds – ideal for fast game fans.

All this is worthless without a jackpot, is it? Swipe is the home of a progressive jackpot, the value of which grows with each try – if you are not lucky enough to put together the perfect combination, you may be lucky with the jackpot. All you need is perseverance, place your bets on lucky combinations of numbers and the win must come.

Exclusive bonuses are an unavoidable thing that adorns Swipe, because you will rarely have the opportunity to meet a game that offers you a payout 25,000 more than the stakes!

Enjoy this mobile game, combine the numbers and be the next winner!

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