5G Market Intelligence Subscription 2022: Monthly Subscription of 5G Reports, Quarterly Webinars, Custom Research, Special Alerts and Advisory Services


The “5G Market Intelligence” subscription has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

The annual subscription provides research, analysis, and advisory services that address a wide range of topics including technologies, solutions, services, applications and more.

Analysis includes market prospects, competition, products, and more. It includes a monthly newsletter, 5G-specific reports, custom research, advisory services, and 5G related research reports such as satellites and asset tracking.

The service includes all existing research reports plus the following:

  • Special Alerts: Timely market and technology advisories with analysis about events as they happen. These advisories may occur several times a week and sometimes skip days if there are no events.
  • Weekly Briefings: Weekly briefings about trends, opportunities, threats, competition, developments, etc.
  • Monthly Updates: Once a month comprehensive update focused on critical topics within the handset and applications industry
  • Quarterly Webinars: Once a quarter deep dive into a particular topic of interest to the subscriber

Current reports include:

  • 5G Business Services Market enterprise, Industrial, and Government Segment Applications, Services, and solutions 2022 – 2027
  • 5G Device Market by Form Factor, Use Case, Device Type (Mobility and CPE), Sector (Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, Government) and Frequency Bands 2022 – 2027
  • 5G in IoT by Connectivity, Infrastructure, Sensors, Devices (Type, Sector, Verticals), and Things 2022 -2027
  • 5G MVNO Market by Technology, Infrastructure, Applications, Services and Solutions 2022 – 2027
  • 5G Network Densification Market by location (Indoor & Outdoor), Spectrum Band, Small Cells and Carrier WiFi2022 – 2027
  • 5G Security Market by Technology, Solution, Category, Software, Services, and Industry Vertical Support 2022 -2027
  • 5G Smart Antenna Market by Type(Switched Multi-beam Antenna and Adaptive Array Antenna), Technology (SIMO, MISO, and MIMO), Frequency Range (FR1 and FR2), Use Cases, and Applications2022 – 2027
  • 5G Mobile VAS Applications by consumer, Enterprise, Industrial and Government Segments 2022 – 2027
  • 5G Video Market by Service Provider Type (Carrier and OTT) and Application Type in Consumer, Enterprise, and industrial Verticals 2022 – 2027
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing Market by Infrastructure, Deployment Type, Use Case, Application, Industry Vertical, and Region 2022 – 2027
  • Sixth Generation Wireless by 6GTech Development (Investment, R&D and Testing) and 6G Market Commercialization (Infrastructure, Deployment, Apps and Services), Use Cases and Industry Verticals 2022 – 2030
  • 5G Network Slicing by infrastructure, Spectrum Band, Segment, Industry Vertical, Application and services 2022 – 2027
  • Private Wireless Networks Market by LTE, 5G, and Edge Computing in Enterprise, Industrial, and Government Solutions2022 – 2027
  • Public Safety LTE and 5G Market by technology, Solutions, Applications and Services 2022 – 2027
  • Telecom API Market by Technologies, Application and Service Types, Stakeholders, User Types, Deployment, and platform as a Service Types 2022 – 2027
  • Asset Tracking Market by infrastructure (Platform, Software, and Services), Connection Type, Mobility(Fixed, Portable, Mobile), Location Method (GPS, Beacons, RFID, Others), Solution Type, Supporting Technology and Industry Verticals 2022 – 2027
  • Autonomous Vehicle Market by autonomy Level, Powertrain Type, Components, and Supporting Technologies including 5G, AI, and Edge Computing 2022 – 2027
  • Commercial UAV Market by Drone Type, Use Cases and Applications, Supporting Infrastructure and Services 2022 -2027
  • Satellite Services Market by Type(LEO, MEO, and GEO), Communications (Voice and Data), Solutions, Apps, Segments(Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, and Government), and Industry Verticals 2022 – 2027
  • Smart Cities Market by Strategy, Technology, and Outlook for Solutions, Applications and Services 2022 – 2027
  • Teleoperation and Telerobotics Market by Technologies, Solutions, and Applications for Enterprise and industrial Automation 2022 – 2027

Subscription to 5G Market Intelligence is also an annual subscription service that provides research, analysis, and advisory services that address a wide range of topics within 5G including technologies, infrastructure, capabilities, security, evolution and more.

Subscription to 5G Market Intelligence provides the client with access to analysis in the form of periodic reports, news flashes, custom analysis and over the phone consultation in a variety of areas including communications, content, commerce, and applications.