Alhamrani Universal Signs a Strategic Transformation Agreement with Diebold Nixdorf for Saudi Arabia


Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in driving connected commerce for the financial and retail industries, today announced a multi-year services and strategic contract with Alhamrani Universal, Saudi Arabia’s largest fintech solutions provider in the self-service banking industry. Backed by Diebold Nixdorf solutions, including the latest cash dispensers, recycling technology and self-service monitoring, this agreement supports branch banking transformation and digital migration strategy to launch new innovations to meet consumer expectations and market requirements.

Over the next three years Alhamrani Universal will connect ATMs and kiosks to DN AllConnectSM Data Engine, providing consumers with futureproof ATM performance and availability, in addition to enhanced solutions deployments, such as cash recycling. DN AllConnect Data Engine enables Alhamrani Universal to optimize operational efficiencies and provides an industry-first solution – a truly predictive and data-driven service model. With this solution, technical data is continuously aggregated and analyzed using the latest developments in machine learning, enabling Diebold Nixdorf to generate personalized, actionable insights for each device. This helps decrease the number of incidents and resolution time and guarantee market-leading availability for the self-service devices.

Abdulaziz Abdullah Alhamrani, chairman at Alhamrani Universal, said: “Today’s consumers expect a seamless banking experience and 24-hour access to services. DN AllConnect Data Engine ensures availability of our advanced ATMs while optimizing performance and reducing costs. Our continued partnership with Diebold Nixdorf will further support our transformation as we drive more innovation and guarantee market-leading ATM and kiosk top services for our banking industry customers, allowing us to align further on Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.”

Joe Myers, executive vice president, Global Banking, at Diebold Nixdorf said“We are very committed to our partners and our end customers. Through our transformation agreement with Alhamrani Universal, we will work together over the coming years to transform the availability, performance, customer experience and services of banks’ ATM and kiosk networks, help to further reduce costs and deploy innovative solutions in the Kingdom.”