SuperSport scores FIFA World Cup 2022™ Pay TV rights

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All 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022, to be held in Qatar, will be broadcast live on SuperSport

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – All 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022, to be held in Qatar, will be broadcast live on SuperSport ( after the World of Champions concluded a broadcast deal with FIFA.

This continues SuperSport’s long-standing association with football’s governing body and reaffirms SuperSport as Africa’s home of world football. SuperSport’s pay-TV broadcast rights extend to all platforms across sub-Saharan Africa and represent even more opportunities to provide fans with compelling live content.

High Definition coverage will be across multiple channels with expert analysis, in-depth digital offerings, supplementary programming, and much more in keeping with the grand scale of the event.

To be contested by 32 teams, including champions France, the World Cup will be held for the first time from November 21 to December 18, and the first to be held in one city.

The FIFA acquisition sits alongside SuperSport’s already substantial offering that includes all the major football leagues from around the world.

“This is fantastic news, especially after the success of the 2018 tournament, a fitting celebration of the beautiful game,” said Marc Jury, Chief Executive of SuperSport. “The FIFA World Cup always excites fans and the kick-off times will be most convenient for our viewers, given friendly broadcast time zones.”

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MoU for African schools football competition signed in Congo DR

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The initiative will allow FECOFA, FIFA, and the government of the DRC to promote health and support social cohesion by integrating football training into the school curriculum

Today in Kinshasa, FIFA (, the Congo DR Football Association (FECOFA) and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) signed a historic MoU that will see the creation of a schools football championship.

At a signing ceremony in the iconic Palais des Nations Hall, FECOFA President Constant Omari, FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, and DRC Minister for Sport and Leisure Marcel Amos Mbayo Kitenge signed an MoU that outlined the terms of the school’s football competition and how it will use the power of the game to improve lives and instil positive values in young people.

The event, attended by CAF President Patrice Motsepe and CAF Secretary General Veron Mosengo-Omba, builds upon meetings between FIFA President Gianni Infantino and President of the DRC and current African Union Chairperson Félix Tshisekedi ( earlier this year. In collaboration with the FECOFA, FIFA and the government of the DRC will organize football tournaments in schools throughout the country, which has a population of almost 90 million people, before being scaled up in several other countries in Africa with the support of CAF.

The initiative will allow FECOFA, FIFA and the government of the DRC to promote health and support social cohesion by integrating football training into the school curriculum to teach children the importance of teamwork, self-confidence, strategy, respecting rules, how to be a good winner and how to deal with losing.

It will also see young people being recruited and trained in referring, the provision of football facilities and infrastructures in schools and more girls and boys being physically active and strengthening their links with each other through youth competitions on a pan-African level.

Speaking at the signing of the MoU FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura said: “FIFA is committed to working with the African Union and CAF to play its part in not only raising the levels of African football but in providing opportunities through football to the many children throughout our continent who have none. We believe in the power of football as more than just a game but as a means of learning life skills and the school’s football championship provides the perfect environment to put these skills into action and the perfect opportunity for Africa’s young people to become inspired and empowered by the beautiful game.”

The CAF President Patrice Motespe commended both FIFA and the DRC leadership on the initiative and the unique opportunity it provides to invest in African youth through the values of football, as well as its potential to inspire African girls and boys to become better citizens.

Following the signing of the MoU, DRC’s Minister for Sport and Leisure Marcel Amos Mbayo Kitenge reinforced his government’s full commitment to supporting the project and outlined some of the measures it will put in place to make it a success including:

  • Allocating a number of hours in each school week to playing football
  • Putting financial, structural, and operational means in place for the successful completion of the competitions and training of school supervisors
  • Establishment of a local organizing committee specific to the final phase of the competition
  • Ensuring that the school’s championship sees two women’s and two men’s teams qualify for future youth competitions on a pan-African level

SOURCE: Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)


Rugby Africa’s North African Regional Development Officer, Mostafa Jelti, Speaks About International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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At the request of the Moroccan NOC, this day was created in 2013 by the United Nations General Assembly

Globally, sport has reached a stage of development that no other human activity can boast of. Its impact on societies and unifying power gives it the responsibility of putting itself at the service of peace

To start off, what does international day of sports for development and peace mean to you?

At the request of the Moroccan NOC, this day was created in 2013 by the United Nations General Assembly. It reflects the importance of sports, which is present in every household with its economic, political, social and above all educational functions.

What is Rugby Ready training? Please feel free to use any images and statistics as well.

The Rugby Ready program is a support and educational training tool, with its objective being to promote enjoyable and fun playing rugby while minimizing the risk of injury.

Player health is the priority at all levels of the game.

Rugby Ready is also a perfect complement to the programs set up by some World Rugby member unions, with Rugby Africa having very satisfactory numbers of participants – second World Rugby region.

You deliver conferences on the theme of Sports and Peace. Please elaborate on the connection between sport and peace? Can you share examples where sport or more particularly rugby has been used to foster peace?

Globally, sport has reached a stage of development that no other human activity can boast of. Its impact on societies gives it an incomparable mobilization potential. This unifying power gives it the responsibility of putting itself at the service of peace.

For concrete examples, I will cite the following cases:

Fist Ping-pong diplomacy initiated in 1971 between China and the USA
The attribution of the 1988 Olympic Games to China (global symbolism)
The joint organization of the football world cup in Japan and South Korea (despite the historical disputes and the poisoned relations)
The (unsuccessful) joint candidacy of Turkey and Greece for the organization of the European Football Championship (UEFA 2008)

In rugby:

The organization of the 3rd Rugby World Cup in South Africa which has contributed to bringing together the entire population of the country.
The participation of the Libyan National Rugby Team in the Arab 7’S Championship (February 2021) where the team was made up of the 2 “war” regions East and West.

You put a lot of emphasis on the values of rugby. May you please list them and explain why they matter and how they define rugby?

The values ​​of rugby are solidarity, integrity, respect, passion and discipline. These are ethical and moral benchmarks to which athletes and public opinion must refer; they guide people in their daily lives with a taste for effort and perseverance. It is also a philosophy that transcends all borders in sport, at school, at home and at work. If I had to classify these values, I would put RESPECT first.

The conferences are targeting teachers, unions administrators, students. Does your approach and message differ depending on the targeted groups?

As a former teacher – the content of the message remains the same, the form differs a little. The ‘speaker’ approach is used with students, players, and administrators. Whilst the ‘moderator’ approach is used with teachers and coaches.

What do you expect your audience to take out of these conferences? If there is one key learning point to remember, what would it be?

I am trying to convey the following message to my audience:

Every day, around the world, millions of sports competitions (“conflicts”) are organized and supervised at school, university, sports federations, regional confederations, international federations, Olympic committees, etc.

These “conflicts” are instituted by the rule and its respect; they serve, in filigree, to:

Bringing competitors closer together rather than dividing them
Promote team spirit
Solidarity in difficulty
Establish equal opportunities
Push towards excellence
Celebrate merit
Convert the rugby player into a good citizen of his country or even of the world.

Please share any other initiatives you have in the pipeline to commemorate such occasions.

I consider schools and universities to be a breeding ground for the development of rugby and I keep close contact with the universities.

Also, I am trying to set up a continental cooperation with the African University Sports Federation (FASU) which will be relayed at the national level by the various federations affiliated to Rugby Africa. In this sense, I host several conferences, each year, on the occasion of the International Day of Sport.


BtoBet and STM Gaming Sign Agreement with Wazibet

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BtoBet has signed an agreement with Kenyan sports betting operator Wazibet.

Through this agreement, which was formulated together with BtoBet’s regional Certified Partner STM Gaming, Wazibet will power its online brand with the advanced Neuron 3 platform. Apart from the key platform products, the online bookmaker will also be receiving management and technology support.

“The online betting market in Africa is registering a rapid shift towards the digital channels, even more so than other markets. Throughout the past months BtoBet has already announced numerous partnerships in Africa concerning operators who are making the transition to online. We are happy to partner with Wazibet as they look to realise their online ambitions,” Sabrina Soldà, Chief Marketing Officer of BtoBet, said.

“We are excited about the prospects of making use of BtoBet’s advanced and robust sportsbook platform to deliver a tailored betting experience to our players. We look forward to collaborate with BtoBet, who are constantly innovating their betting solutions in order to deliver a UX that focuses entirely on the player,” Nathan Omurambi, Marketing Director at Wazibet, said.


Delasport strikes a deal with MTN Group Limited for launching their flagship brand AfricaWinner

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Lead high-end software solutions provider Delasport collaborates with MTN Group Limited in launching a flagship brand AfricaWinner by combining Delasport’s high-end sportsbook and casino offerings and the network of MTN Group.

The partnership sees AfricaWinner take advantage of Delasport’s proprietary sportsbook and iGaming solutions and quickly take leading positions on the African market.

‘’Delasport are renowned for their cutting-edge software solutions and choosing their sportsbook platform we’ll be able to skyrocket our platform and offer the player base unrivalled betting experience unlike anything available on the market. Our local market expertise and Delasport’s advanced technology are a great match and we are looking forward to working together to see the results of this partnership’’- Mr. Mike-Johnson MTN Group Limited spokesperson commented.

The eminent Delasport Sportsbook Platform is an excellent solution to new and existing operators. It offers a vast range of betting options with thousands of sports markets, a highly effective risk management system, comprehensive backend capabilities, and much more. The online casino offering holds a world-class suite of titles from the most famous casino providers.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to work together with MTN Group Limited in bringing our market-leading solutions to their new brand. Together, we will look to quickly capitalize on our advantages and corner the market until we can be considered the gold standard for sports betting in Africa!” – Eli Moscovich – B2B Director

This collaboration represents Delasport’s entry into another regulated jurisdiction, continuing the company’s international development strategy. Delasport’s world-class technology solutions are tailored to fit big and small operator’s needs. With unmatched expertise in trading and risk management, KYC and Anti-fraud, and the highest standards of regulatory compliance, Delasport’s partners consistently achieve rapid growth, enhanced brand loyalty, and record revenues.



Scientific Games Will Supply Lottery Instant Games, e-Instants And Latest Generation WAVE™ Retailer Technology For SISAL In Morocco

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Scientific Games Corporation will supply and deploy lottery instant games, e-instant digital games, and WAVE lottery retailer terminals to SISAL S.p.A. (“SISAL”) in Morocco beginning this month. This represents a very important step in Scientific Games’ objective of dramatically growing its footprint in the rapidly developing African lottery market.

Scientific Games will provide e-instant games through an integration of its Open Gaming System, lottery instant scratch cards, and the Company’s latest generation WAVE retailer terminals to support SISAL in developing the national lottery of Morocco’s retailer network.

Pat McHugh, Lottery Group Chief Executive for Scientific Games, said, “We are honored by the continued trust that SISAL has placed in our ability to deliver a variety of value-added products and services that maximizes sales and proceeds for a number of their international lottery operations. We are particularly excited about supporting the national lottery in Morocco and deploying our games and technology in the African market.”

SISAL is one of Italy’s largest, most prominent and responsible gaming operators holding significant marketshare in the lottery, betting, AWP machines, video lottery and digital gaming sectors. Scientific Games supported SISAL in its preparation of the Moroccan national lottery bid of Societe de Gestion de la Loterie Nationale. In February 2018, SISAL was awarded the 10-year concession to operate the Moroccan lottery, which launched in January 2019.

Marco Caccavale, Managing Director of Lottery and International Business of SISAL, said, “We are extremely pleased to have been awarded the concession to operate the national lottery in Morocco. Most recently, we have enjoyed significant market successes with the award of the concession to operate parimutuel games (GNTN) in Italy, and winning the bid to operate the national lottery in Turkey with our partner Şans Dijital, an affiliate of Demirören Holding, one of Turkey’s largest companies. For all of these significant opportunities, Scientific Games offers relevant, innovative products and services for several growth segments of our businesses. The extent of the collaboration we have with Scientific Games in MoroccoItaly and Turkey is clear evidence of the strength of our strategic partnership.”

Scientific Games has provided lottery retail technology to SISAL since 1997, with SISAL relying on the Company for the vast majority of its retailer terminals in Italy. In 2017, Scientific Games and SISAL further strengthened their collaboration, entering into a strategic partnership agreement.

Currently the largest lottery technology provider in Europe and the fastest growing in the U.S., Scientific Games supplies games, technology and services to more than 150 lotteries in 50 countries, and sports betting solutions to 24 lotteries and numerous private operators. The Company is a responsible gaming supplier.

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SOURCE Scientific Games Corporation



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Cameroon-based betting site to be powered by Neuron 3 platform

BtoBet will be strengthening its presence in Africa announcing a strategic partnership with iGaming group Yellowbet to power its Yellowbet Cameroon brand with the Neuron 3 platform. The deal encompasses the operator’s digital channels. The partnership also allows Yellowbet to migrate its other brands in Africa to BtoBet’s advanced betting and gaming platform.

Seeking to deliver a tailored user experience to its players, Yellowbet will be delivering a wide range of content including local and international sports betting which includes live sports events, online and live casino, jackpots and a wide range of virtual sports.

I am pleased that Yellowbet have chosen BtoBet and the Neuron 3 platform to power its brand in Cameroon. Throughout the years BtoBet has transformed itself into the primary gateway for operators seeking to expand into Africa without having to adopt a one size fits all approach. Our in-depth knowledge of the regions and their various micro-elements, such as the varying player betting behaviours, enable us to help all our partners to position themselves in an optimal position and deliver a betting experience that reflects their brand. I am positive that Cameroon will be the first of many more success stories with Yellowbet,” states Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer.

We take great care of our players and BtoBet, with its Neuron technologies, constituted the ideal technological partner for us to provide a betting experience that would enable Yellowbet to tailor the UX according to the different player profiles. I am looking forward to collaborate with BtoBet and to increase our brand value through their vast wealth of knowledge of the African iGaming industry,” states Nkurunziza Dominique, Yellowbet Cameroon’s Country Manager.