MCFIVA Announces SEAT Conference 2022, Bringing World-Class Experts to showcase Technological Trends Under the Theme “Future of Everything”, Readying You to Charge into the Future


MCFIVA, a renowned result-oriented marketing consultancy and advertising agency, joins hand with world-class partners to host a very exclusive seminar, the SEAT 2022: Southeast Asia Technology Conference 2022 – Bringing together world-class experts and investors, including 200 billionaire executives and top entrepreneurs, under the theme “Future of Everything” that will prepare you to step into the future on 3rd-4th October 2022 at The Crystal Box, Gaysorn Urban Resort, Gaysorn Village, Bangkok, Thailand

Mr.Warachya Urupongsa, Chief Digital Officer of MCFIVA, says: “In the past 2 years, it seems as if the world has turned more slowly and the economy has slowed down, but actually the technology, especially Frontier Technology or ‘Deeptech’ has progressed and grown by leaps and bounds, whether in the new financial industry that has grown very rapidly, in virtual reality (Metaverse), or in the added opportunities for new business creation through collaboration with Startups. We can see that there have been plenty of new opportunities emerging, as is readily observable from the massive growth of investment in technology businesses. I would like to suggest 6 technological trends that are worth watching closely, as follow:

1.  Cloud and Edge Computing: This technology has become more mainstream during the past 2 years, since people started realizing that Edge is a crucial component of IoT that will help to fulfil Cloud’s operation by reducing latency along with solving data storage and network congestion problems. The market has grown 1.5 times, totalling USD 136 Billion in value.

2.  Sustainability: Since consumers have started to support brands that place importance on sustainability, they have also started to replace existing products with alternative products that emphasize sustainability. They are happy to pay more for products that are manufactured on the basis on sustainability. As such, non-profit organization has grown 1.6 times, totalling USD 109 Billion.

3.  AI or Artificial Intelligent: This industry grew 2.5 times, totalling USD 165 Billion. This is a very influential technology that is a ‘Game Changer’ in raising organizations’ ability to response better to the changing consumers’ habit that now gravitates towards digital lifestyle. Especially in the era where data is akin to a treasure trove for business operations, AI-derived solutions have only been on the increase.

4.  HealthTech: Certainly, Covid-19 has affected people’s health and lifestyle globally. As such, everybody now gives importance to having a more efficient healthcare system. This industry has grown 2.9 times, totalling USD 28.3 Billion. Since this is the digital and customer-centric era, healthcare provision is becoming more focused towards being patient-centric than ever before.

5.  Immersive-Reality Technology: This industry has grown 3 times and now totals USD 30 Billion. It is also expected to create impacts to society in multiple dimensions, whether in education, economy, medicine, and ICT. Analysis from Bloomberg Intelligence indicates that the industry will have a global market value of USD 800 Billion by 2024.

6.  Web 3.0: This has grown 5.5 times, now totalling USD 110 Billion. Web3.0 has turned everything into being Human-Centric, with transparency in data collection. Users can now control their own data with a high degree of security. This can be seen with the emergence of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and the commercial world has now turned into a Decentralized Marketplace, where every shop can access the market without an intermediary.

These technologies form the basis of the SEAT Conference 2022, with the objective of connecting the world of Frontier Technology together, shrinking it down, and turning Thailand into the centre of Technology, resulting in many forms of cooperation. The event is a very exclusive one, only 200 people. For the first 100 VIPs, we will invite the most respected executives and entrepreneurs, both domestic and international, and the remaining 100 will be selected amongst the target group who have submitted their applications for the event.’

Ms.Pireeya Wiriyapan, Chief Operating Officer MCFIVA, adds: “The event will be packed with content and experience that you won’t find anywhere else for the whole 2 days. The content will be about future trends regarding Metaverse, FinTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, Venture Capital, FoodTech, IoT&Hardware, Web3.0, and much more. Some of the world-renowned speakers, such as Apipat Virdi, former Global head of Metaverse, Meta(Facebook), Karthik Iyer, CEO, BlockchainMonk, the No.1 Bitcoin Analyst and Investor, Gabe Sibley, Co-Founder and CEO, Verdant Robotics that create robots that will transform the AgriTech industry, Sara Naseri, CEO and co-founder, Qvin, leader in WomenTech among others.’

Unmissable Highlights of the Event

–  More than 30 World Class Speakers from all over the Globe
–  Attendees by invitation only, with top-tier executives and world-class entrepreneurs
–  Networking & Curated Business Matching – strike a conversation with well-respected people from many industries and curated business matching
–  Organized in cooperation with our partners Gaysorn Village, RISE, SeaX Ventures, and SO (Siamrajathanee)

Interested person can submit application for the chance to join the event. For further information please visit or contact [email protected]