Leo Wang, CEO of Duotech, Addresses Impact of AI on Fintech Industry During Chinese New Year Speech


Leo Wang, CEO of Duotech, delivered a captivating speech during the Chinese New Year festivities, shedding light on the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the fintech industry. Wang’s address resonated strongly with the young professional audience, who make up nearly 70% of Duotech’s staff strength.

Wang began his speech by highlighting the significant impact AI has had on the fintech industry over the last few years. Citing recent statistics from industry reports, he noted that AI adoption in finance has surged, with an estimated 89% of financial services firms globally using AI in some form.

“The fintech landscape has undergone a profound transformation fuelled by AI technologies,” Wang stated. “From algorithmic trading to fraud detection, AI has revolutionised traditional financial practices, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and security.”

Wang referenced another study which revealed that AI-powered solutions have contributed to a 20% reduction in costs and a 30% increase in revenue for financial institutions. “These statistics underscore the tangible benefits AI brings to the table, driving innovation and profitability in the fintech sector,” Wang added.

In his speech, Wang encouraged the younger generation to embrace AI technologies, emphasising the immense opportunities for growth and innovation in the evolving fintech landscape. He urged them to stay up to date on industry advancements and leverage AI skills to drive positive change within their organisations.

Furthermore, Wang showcased Duotech’s cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for the finance industry, designed to enhance trading strategies, bolster cybersecurity, and streamline compliance processes.

Wang concluded his speech by reaffirming Duotech’s commitment to driving innovation in the fintech industry through AI-powered solutions. “At Duotech, we’re dedicated to leveraging AI to revolutionise finance and empower the younger generation to shape the future of our industry,” he said.


AI and Big Data Join Hands to Assist Physicians in Diagnosis and Reporting


With the advent of the 5G era and the growing popularity of big data and artificial intelligence applications, the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) is hosting Smart Healthcare Expo Taipei 2021: International Smart Healthcare Forum (Session 2) with a focus on two key themes: healthcare information technology and AI for medical image analysis.

Taiwan is known as a treasure island of technology, and its achievements in epidemic prevention highlight the abundant healthcare capacity. The forum’s main topics are healthcare big data, data science, and AI medical image analysis. Four experts from the healthcare and IT sectors were invited to propose different solutions.

The healthcare profession is both complex and highly detailed-oriented, while the advent of a service-oriented approach coupled with artificial intelligence, from paperless electronic health records to big data analysis, as well as the development of AI technology for data analysis and medical image recognition, are all indispensable steps in building a smart hospital.This forum gave a presentation on how hospitals in Taiwan are using thoracic X-ray AI and automated reporting. In addition, the latest VeriSee DR software can assist in interpreting diabetic retinopathy.

In recent years, the Malaysian government has advocated “working together to improve the health of the nation”, and has been promoting mobile healthcare services, hospital management, and the application of smart healthcare, all of which demonstrates the importance of applying intelligent solutions to meet challenges in the healthcare field.

The Joint Commission of Taiwan officially established a one-stop portal in 2019: “Health Smart Taiwan (HST)” (https://www.hst.org.tw/en/). According to the CEO of the Joint Commission of Taiwan, Dr. Pa-chun Wang, HST not only showcases Taiwan’s cutting-edge smart healthcare solutions, but also works with Taiwan’s application field demonstration sites (Demo Site) to facilitate an understanding of the practical application and future portfolio of smart healthcare and to create a new model for the smart hospital. The third forum in this series will be launched online on August 26th and will focus on intelligent chronic kidney disease care. Information concerning this third forum will be forthcoming soon.

SOURCE Joint Commission of Taiwan


Calastone implements Opsmatix Artificial Intelligence solution Improving client handling and efficiency within client operations


Opsmatix, an innovative provider of AI-powered omnichannel operations automation solutions, today announces that Calastone, the world’s largest global funds network, has implemented the Opsmatix SaaS platform to process increasing business and email volumes into Calastone’s Operations Team.

Currently, Calastone supports some 2,500 clients in 44 countries and territories and processes over £200 billion of investment value every month. Opsmatix was selected following a rigorous proof of concept that demonstrated the system’s unrivalled automation capabilities in terms of categorising and understanding the intent of incoming client queries. The new system will enable the firm to scale its client handling capability as the firm grows whilst continuing to improve the client experience. This new approach reduces manual interaction on time-consuming tasks allowing them to focus on more productive activities.

“We pride ourselves on providing a world-class support service to our clients and look to how we can leverage the best technologies to drive continuous improvement,” says Mike Davies, Calastone’s Global Head of Operations. Opsmatix allows us to streamline the workflow management within the team enabling greater operational leverage and ultimately enhancing the overall client experience. Crucially we gain a much-improved system to manage workflow, together with an elegant case management user interface which enables us to categorise, escalate and manage any production issues in a more rigorous manner.”

Justin Forrest, CEO at Opsmatix concluded. “We are delighted to be working and partnering with a customer of the calibre of Calastone. This relationship demonstrates Opsmatix’s capabilities and validates the many benefits the solution will deliver to the financial services sector and cross-industry. AI has come of age and is now a business imperative for all corporate operational functions using omnichannel communications involving unstructured data. Our goal is to be at the forefront of technology innovation and corporate advancement, and we are confident that Opsmatix has a pivotal part to play.”