Alithya Joins Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council to Accelerate Progress in Medical Isotope Innovation and Automation


Alithya Group inc. (TSX: ALYA) (NASDAQ: ALYA) (“Alithya”), a leader in strategy and digital transformation, and a trusted supplier to the nuclear industry for more than 30 years, has partnered with the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC) to support the Canadian isotope sector with its artificial intelligence, automation, and digital systems expertise.

“The strategic partnership is aimed at helping members of the CNIC and the broader Canadian isotope sector to increase the efficiency, ease, and safety of the isotope production, packaging and delivery processes to ensure Canada remains a global leader in this field,” said Nigel Fonseca, Senior Vice President, Ontario & Western Canada at Alithya. “This commitment makes Alithya a great long-term delivery partner with Canada’s isotope sector to push new boundaries with the research and development of new applications of isotopes for cancer treatments.”

Alithya has been working on key projects within the Canadian nuclear isotope sector, providing engineering, design, testing, and simulation services for projects with many leading isotope companies. This work has included:

  • Engineering the pneumatic control system for the isotope delivery system at Bruce Power
  • Partnering with Isogen on the preliminary and detailed engineering phases for new isotope delivery systems
  • Designing simulation platforms for the verification and validation of various isotope delivery systems, and
  • Conducting reviews and providing oversight for vendor isotope production system designs to ensure compliance with Canadian nuclear software engineering standards.

The CNIC serves as a voice to safeguard the continued availability of isotopes by ensuring that our public policies in this arena are risk informed and science based and foster the health and well-being of Canadians. Leveraging Canada’s existing physical and knowledge infrastructure to revitalize the domestic isotope supply chain will lead to new and innovative patient treatments and maintain Canada’s role as a global leader in nuclear science and technology.

Medical isotope production represents one of the keyways in which nuclear science positively impacts Canadians, providing transformative and alternative cancer treatments while also generating clear economic and societal benefits. The clearest and widest-reaching benefits come from the enabling of life-saving medical treatments by providing medical isotopes for patient use.

“The CNIC was forged to create these types of interconnections between the broader manufacturing/advanced automation sector and Canadian isotope sector. By creating these partnerships, we are further enabling innovation within the Canadian isotope ecosystem and helping to ensure that Canada and the rest of the world have a reliable and stable supply of critical cancer-fighting isotopes, said James Scongack, Chair of the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council. “I would like to welcome Alithya as a new partner and look forward to working with them as part of this strong coalition.”

In 2021, the CNIC is focused on bridging these public and private coalitions into demonstrable results for Canadians, searching for new life-saving cancer treatments. The CNIC will continue to promote public awareness about the use and benefits of medical/industrial isotopes and radiation technologies, and work with government stakeholders to ensure that the public policy landscape promotes innovation and supports the increased proliferation of medical and industrial isotope uses.