Ambee’s Pollen Dataset Tracks Pollen To Avoid Seasonal Allergies Like Never Before


Ambee’s pollen API is here to help businesses and organizations better manage the pollen season by providing the most hyperlocal pollen data available on the market.

As per AAFA (Asthma and allergy foundation of America), more than 50 million people have various types of allergies each year and it is the sixth leading cause of chronic illness. Pollen affects human well-being with different seasonal allergies and respiratory ailments, making it extremely important to track, says Ambee’s co-founder, Madhusudhan Anand. “The problem is, it requires a complex methodology to gather accurate results. Most pollen forecasts right now provide a very broad estimate and part of the problem is that there aren’t many observing stations for pollen counts.”

Ambee’s pollen API tracks pollen with AI algorithms based on machine learning models. It aggregates pollen data from multiple sources combining on-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and statistical inference to ensure the highest accuracy. “We are Asia’s first pollen-tracking API to provide real-time pollen count data across the world,” asserts Madhusudhan.

Ambee’s pollen data is currently used by healthcare, pharma, and weather companies. Kleenex, a brand for paper-based products, has registered a 200% increase in its website traffic after using Ambee’s pollen data to market its anti-allergy product.