iMocha, alongside other partners, wins the ‘Best Catalyst – Culture and Talent’ Award at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2023


At the TM Forum DTW23-Ignite event, iMocha, along with other collaborators, was honoured with the prestigious ‘Best Catalyst – Culture and Talent’ Award in recognition of its pivotal role in advancing the Digital Talent Maturity Model (DTMM). The DTMM addresses challenges spanning people, and culture with the goal of facilitating the transition from a Telco to a TechCo.

The transition from Telco to TechCo, empowers them to expand beyond the traditional connectivity services, to offer new services with diversified digital business models. These models seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, Internet of Things, and 5G thereby creating new revenue streams and creates new competitive moat.

Amit D Mishra, Founder and CEOiMocha, remarked, “All of us at iMocha are delighted about the catalyst award win. This award inspires us to continue empowering Telecom firms with a skills-first approach that iMocha champions in building a future-ready workforce.”

Vishal Madan, Head of Engineering, iMocha and an active member of the TM Forum, stated, “iMocha, along with other collaborators such as Huawei, China Mobile, AIS, MTN South Africa, Saudi Telecom Company, and Hangzhou Eastcom Software Technology, played a critical role in the TechCo Organization Design Project (TCOD), which is aimed at assisting Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in revolutionizing their operations by fostering a progressive culture, and aligning their workforce with the goals of a successful digital transformation.”

TM Forum’s Digital Talent Maturity Model focuses on evaluating an organization’s maturity across People and Culture, using three essential pillars: Organization, People, and Culture. iMocha contributed to the TCOD project with a Telecom Talent Branding Guide which helps telcos with the best practices, branding framework, and an annual talent branding roadmap to attract talent and position telecom industry as an attractive one to build their career.

In addition, iMocha will play a key role further in the ‘Talent Readiness & Mobility’ aspect of the people pillar, which is dedicated to facilitating seamless talent recruitment and promoting internal mobility within the organization.

iMocha’s Skills Intelligence supports the project by providing solutions across talent acquisition, workforce planning, and talent management.


iMocha in Collaboration with Leading Telecom Firms to Showcase Talent Framework that Empowers Telcos in their Journey to be TechCos at the TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2023, Copenhagen


iMocha, a leading AI-powered Skills Intelligence Cloud announced today its participation in the catalyst project, “Rise of the bots” which will be showcased at the TM Forum’s DTW 2023 catalyst booth C14, from 19th to 21st Sep, in Copenhagen. DTW serves as a platform to showcase the latest innovations in the global telecom industry.

At DTW 2022, TM Forum CEO Nik Willets, Dr. Steffen Roehn and Herbert Blum, Partners at Bain & Co, summarized talent as the big problem facing the industry today and they highlighted, attracting young talent and the importance of industry branding as key to solving the talent challenge.

Against this backdrop, iMocha collaborated on the “Rise of the bots” catalyst project which aimed to help CSPs optimize their organization, talent, skills, and culture to introduce and exploit AI-enabled applications in their businesses successfully. This project was championed by ADVANCED INFO SERVICE PLC, China Mobile, MTN and STC and brought together Eastcom software, Huawei and iMocha as solution partners.

“We are excited to be at the TM Forum’s DTW’23 and to be one of the partners of the catalyst project which will help telcos in their transformation journey to a techco organization and be skills-first and future-ready,” said Amit D Mishra, CEO and Founder, iMocha.

“iMocha’s experience in working with talent teams have brought to the fore that availability of skill is one of the key barriers to digital transformation,” said Vishal Madan, Head of Engineering, iMocha and a Judge of the TM Forum’s Catalyst Awards. “By working with the CSP champions and solution partners, we have strengthened the Digital Talent Maturity Model and built the Telecom Branding guide to further enable CSPs in their transformation journey across candidate to alumni lifecycle.” 

As part of the TechCo Organizational Design (TCOD) and the catalyst projects, iMocha has worked on a Telecom Talent Branding Guide that includes best practices and a sample branding roadmap that companies can refer. To experience it, visit the catalyst booth @ Innovation Labs C14.