Going Global: ShareVision raises $2.1 million Seed for 24/7 streaming platform

ShareVision raised $2.1 million in seed funding to scale its financial streaming platform, where both businesses and consumers are streaming content on the stock market, economical updates and financial education. The fintech startup that launched the first dedicated streaming platform for traders, economists and the world of finance has announced the successful completion of its seed funding.

ShareVision‘s mission is to enable people to discover, reach out and communicate with a global financial community, and it’s doing this by providing a previously impossible level of 24/7 access to finance professionals and enthusiasts.

By creating a profile, people can engage with the economic and financial industries by watching informational videos from experts, viewing detailed presentations of financial results, and following the journeys of popular traders through livestreams. With the most up-to-date news and live market analysis, ShareVision offers an all-in-one immersive experience that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

The $2.1 million funding round far surpasses ShareVision’s original target, which was overfunded on Seedrs before attracting both sophisticated and strategic investors — including the founders of leading brokerages and institutions who have backed ShareVision for success.

Commenting on the funding round, Amit Jay Shah, CEO of ShareVision stated, “We have launched state-of-the-art streaming technology for a huge market, launching at a time when retail investing, streaming and the creator community are all seeing rapid growth.”

“We believe we now have both the funding and investors to take ShareVision to the next level. Having the backing from the founders of leading financial brokerages and institutions shows the potential ShareVision has in a huge market,” Shah added.

The business was founded by experienced entrepreneurs, including the founders of Darqube, Aqua Rising and NAGA Global AG. Sign up on ShareVision’s website or follow the team on Twitter for updates.